Annabel Bowlen Age, Wiki, Plastic Surgery, Birthday, Daughter, Net Worth, Bio

Annabel Bowlen Age, Wiki, Plastic Surgery, Birthday, Daughter, Net Worth, Bio

Annabel Bowlen is the famous wife of Denver Broncos owner, Pat Bowlen. Pat Bowlen is the majority shareholder in the National Football League team (Denver Broncos) together with his family – his brothers John and Bill, and his sister Marybeth Bowlen. They bought the NFL franchise from Edgar Kaiser in 1984.

 Annabel Bowlen’s husband sat as Chief Executive Officer of the football team for 20 years – between 1984 to 2014, before he resigned as a result of a serious health challenge that made sure he couldn’t continue. Information on Annabel Bowlen is difficult to source, even on the web. Read to find all you need to know about the famous wife of Pat Bowlen.

Annabel Bowlen Age/Birthday/Wiki

Sourcing for personal information about Annabel Bowlen is something very close to a herculean task. Annabel Bowlen was born in Edmonton, Canada on November 16, 1952. Her birth sign is Scorpio. She is of White ethnicity and her nationality is Canadian. Nothing is known about her father, but her mother, Joan Spencer, was an aircraft pilot during World War II. She also has a sibling – a brother, Richard Spencer. She graduated with a bachelors’ degree in Physical Education from the University of Alberta.

Annabel Bowlen Age, Wiki, Plastic Surgery, Birthday, Daughter, Net Worth, Bio

Annabel Bowlen Career

Annabel Bowlen started her career as a teacher back in Canada. She used to teach grade school students in her early days. She would move on from there to also become a figure skating trainer – a hobby for which she became popular in the country. Furthermore, she has also worked as an attorney in Edmonton. However, she came into the limelight after her marriage to millionaire businessman, Pat Bowlen. Pat Bowlen is the owner National Football League (NFL) team, Denver Broncos.

She founded the Cherish the Children Guild, an organization she founded in 1969 that served as the charitable arm of the Beacon Youth & Family Center, working to help raise funds for the Center while providing mental health services for families.  The story of that organization was a very successful one until she left in 2011. The reason for her leaving was not given but the timing coincided with the discovery that her husband, Pat Bowlen had Alzheimer’s disease. She still stands in the capacity of honorary chairman of the guild.

Following the stepping down of Pat Bowlen as Cheif Executive Officer (CEO) of NFL franchise, Denver Broncos in 2014 due to the serious progression of his Alzheimer’s disease, Annabel took over the business completely. In this and in many more ways, she continued to show and demonstrate her faith, love, and devotion to her husband. She knew that the team meant so much to Pat Bowlen and that was why she gave it her best to see that it stays afloat, despite his absence.

Annabel Bowlen Plastic Surgeries

Becoming the public face of the Denver Broncos meant more than just attending the games and watching from the VIP stands. It meant more than the small pep talks and victory speeches for Annabel Bowlen. At the point when her husband resigned control of the team with a public acknowledgment of his battle with Alzheimer’s disease, Annabel Bowlen’s ‘youthful’ face and body became the craze of the internet anytime she graces the cameras. It’s hard to tell how many plastic surgeries that Annabel must have had to maintain her robust look.

Her cosmetic facial surgeries are estimated to have cost over $950,000 but it hasn’t stopped Twitter users from tweeting debasing and hurtful comments or being rude in their use of language about her looks.

Annabel Bowlen Age, Wiki, Plastic Surgery, Birthday, Daughter, Net Worth, Bio

Annabel Bowlen Daughter

Annabel Bowlen’s daughter, Annabel Bowlen (named after her) is the only child that has
followed her mother’s (skating) footsteps. She is also an ice skater. From her pictures, she can be seen practicing her skating moves. She is also seen in 2016 with her father as her dancing partner. She also enjoys the life of a typical American rich kid – luxurious living, traveling, and partying any way she likes.

Annabel Bowlen Husband/Family

Annabel Bowlen is married only to Pat Bowlen. There have not been any rumors or records of her affairs with any other man or boyfriends. Pat met Annabel when she was a figure skater and a grade school teacher in Edmonton, Canada while he was working as an attorney at the time. They both moved to the United States after their marriage, with Pat taking over the role of principal owner and CEO of Denver Broncos. Pat and Annabel Bowlen have been married for more than 35 years now and they have five children together – John, Patrick, Brittany, Annabel, and Christianna. Pat was initially married to Sally Parker with whom he had two children.

Net Worth

Annabel Bowlen’s net worth can’t be calculated in isolation of Pat Bowlen since she runs the latter’s business empire. That is why Annabel Bowlen’s net worth is estimated at $1 billion.

Quick Facts

Born: November 16, 1952

Birth Sign: Scorpio

Education: University of Alberta

Nationality: Canadian

Ethnicity: White

Religion: N/A

Profession: Former Ögure skater and skating trainer – businessman

Net Worth: $1 Billion

Salary: N/A

Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Hazel Blue

Height: N/A

Weight: N/A

Married: Yes

Spouse: Pat Bowlen

Children: 5 (John, Patrick, Brittany, Annabel and Christianna)

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