Annie Potts Bio, Spouse – James Hayman, Net Worth and Other Facts

From the 1980s till present, Annie Potts has been making great contributions to the entertainment industry and she has been duly rewarded. Over the years she has managed to remain as relevant in the small screen as well as the big screen. She is known for films like Corvette Summer, and Ghostbusters. Her best-known TV shows include; Designing WomenLove & War, Any Day Now, The Fosters, and Young Sheldon.

Annie Potts’ Bio

Annie Potts was born Anne Hampton Potts on the 28th of October 1952 in Nashville, Tennessee. She was raised in Franklin, Kentucky where she attended Franklin-Simpson High School from where she graduated in 1970. Her parents are Powell Grisette Potts and Dorothy Harris (née Billingslea) Potts. Potts has two sisters; Mary Eleanor Hovious and Elizabeth Grisette Potts.

Annie Potts has loved acting since childhood. She began acting from the age of 12 when she played the lead in a summer-camp production of Heidi. Following high school, Potts attended Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri from where she earned a bachelor in fine arts degree in theater arts.

The year 1977 was when Potts began her acting career professionally. She immediately made her impact felt in the industry as her debut feature film role was her breakthrough role. It was the role of Vanessa in 1978’s Corvette Summer for which she earned a Golden Globe Awards for New Star of the Year.

A few years later, Annie Potts’ career went a notch higher thanks to her part in the film Heartaches which won her the Genie Awards for Best Performance. Ghostbusters earned her more recognition before her role in Desperate Women solidified her place as one of the leading women in the business. Up next was Love & War which earned her an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead.

Annie Potts has remained heavily active in her career with more focus on the small screen. She has lent her voice to a couple of animated characters among them Bo Peep in the Toy Story franchise.

Net Worth

With a successful career that spans four decades and counting, Annie Potts has done incredibly well for herself. Her net worth has been estimated to be in the tune of $8 million.


Spouse – James Hayman

Annie Potts is married to James Hayman, her fourth husband. The couple got married on the 2nd of September, 1990 and has remained together since. Hayman, a New Jersey native is a cinematographer, director, and TV producer. It is most likely that the couple met on a film set.

James Hayman has directed several television shows and has proven to be adept at both dramas and comedies. A master’s degree holder from the New York University Graduate Film School, Hayman began his career as a cinematographer in New York. His cinematography for his work An Autumn’s Tale earned critical praise and won him the Hong Kong award for best cinematography.

While working as a cinematographer on the critically acclaimed television show, Northern Exposure, James Hayman got his first directing job for an episode entitled, “Jules & Joel”. Hayman has directed at least 9 pilot episodes, 6 of which have been picked up and developed into series.

A lot of the biggest series you know have James Hayman as a crew member. He directed shows like Judging Amy, Ugly BettyDesperate HousewivesThe Sopranos, and more. He also served as the executive producer for shows like Judging Amy, Joan of Arcadia, and Ugly Betty.

Annie Potts and her husband James Hayman share two kids together including James aka Doc, who was born in 1993, and Harry who was born in 1995. Potts, however, has one more child from a previous relationship; her first son named Clay who was born in 1981 from her marriage to her third husband, Scott Senechal.

Other Facts

• Annie Potts sits on the board of Stephens College and has used her influence to help raise funds for the college.

• The veteran actress stands at a height of 5 feet 3 inches tall.

• Her first marriage was to Steven Douglas Schwartz from 1973 to 1978.

• Potts was married to her second husband, actor and filmmaker Greg Antonacci for just a year from 21 June 1978 to 5 April 1979. Antonacci passed away in September 2017.

• She was involved in a ghastly motor accident at the age of 21 which left her with many broken bones below her waist. Her then-husband college sweetheart, Steven Hartley who was driving with her when two cars on a drag race hit their vehicle lost a leg. The accident left her with traumatic arthritis.

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