Anthony Michael Hall – Net Worth, Is He Married, Who is The Wife, Here are Facts

Anthony Michael Hall – Net Worth, Is He Married, Who is The Wife, Here are Facts

Becoming a successful and iconic actor in Hollywood can happen in different ways; one could become an iconic actor by simply appearing in multiple films, across different genres, so much that fans of any genre are familiar with your face. One could also become iconic by starring in blockbusters, the box office whales. By appearing in blockbusters, your status as a notable actor is guaranteed. Another way to become an iconic actor is not in the sheer volume of your work or racking up film credits in popular films, but starring in iconic films. Many actors and actresses have solidified their name in film lore this way and that was what Anthony Michael Hall did in 1985 when he starred in two movies that defined a generation of film fans – The Breakfast Club and Weird Science.

Although he hasn’t managed to recapture the legacy of both films in his later projects, it no longer matters, he has penned his name in history.

Anthony Michael Hall Biography

Anthony Hall is an Easter child, he was born on Easter Sunday of 1968 on April 14. The soft-eyed actor was born to Larry and popular blues-jazz singer, Mercedes Hall in Boston, Massachusetts. His parents’ marriage came to an end when he was just six months old and of course, he ended up with his mother who was a big deal at the time. By the first five years of his life, he had lived in three cities – Boston, California, and New York. Hall spent the majority of his childhood in New York, including the beginnings of his acting career.

Anthony Michael Hall never attended college but he did graduate high school having attended St Hilda’s & St Hugh’s School. When his acting career kicked off, he moved to Professional Children’s School in Manhattan has had the biggest break in his career in the 1980s. Perhaps an inborn talent that he couldn’t wait to share with the world, or a need to be a performer like his mother or both, Anthony began his career as an actor at the age of seven, with his mother acting as his manager.

Starting with commercials, he starred in ads for brands like Honeycomb and Bounty and several toy companies. A brave and outspoken child, Hall made his professional acting debut in a drama on stage in 1977. He acted in The Wake, a semi-autobiographical play about Steve Allen, and appeared for the first time in front of a camera in 1980 in the television film, The Gold Bug, playing a young version of Edger Allan Poe.

Casting directors make their subjective decisions on actors for a role in auditions and an actor can keep getting roles without necessarily breaking into the consciousness of critics and fans until a defining performance changes the way they are looked at by critics and film watchers. For Anthony, that performance was in the National Lampoon classic, Vacation where he starred as Rusty Griswold, delivering the standout performance of the film.

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Anthony Michael Hall followed his performance in Vacation in 1983 with another in 1984 in the film, Sixteen Candles. His performance in the film solidified him as a legitimate actor and child star signifying that the excellence of his film career in the 80s was yet to end. He starred in two other classics – The Breakfast Club and Weird Science. Unfortunately, although he appeared in some critically successful films like Edward Scissorhands, Six Degrees of Separation, Pirates of Silicon Valley where he portrayed billionaire, Bill Gates much later, the 80s were the pinnacle of Hall’s film career.

His other notable film credits include The Dark Knight, Foxcatcher, and Live by Night. So far, he has appeared in 43 films and in over 20 Television shows, including Entourage, Community, and Riverdale.

Net Worth

With a film career that was the rave in the 80s and has appeared in a couple of commercially successful classics Hall has continued to star in films and television and through these endeavors, he has been able to build a net worth of $8 million.

Is he Married, Who is the Wife?

Anthony Michael Hall so far has never been married, although he has been in relationships with a few notable women like Samantha Phillips, Kelly Stone, and Alison Hughes. Most notably, the Breakfast Club actor was in a relationship with Sandra Guerard that lasted 5 years beginning in 2001 and ending in 2006, but so far, he has not committed to anyone by marriage.

Other Facts about Anthony Michael Hall

He is the godfather to the son of Marvel Cinematic Universe superstar, Robert Downey Jr, Falconer Downey. The two were cast members on Saturday Night Live in 1985-86.

He was born Michael Anthony Hall but had to change his name to Anthony Michael Hall professionally because an actor in the Screen Actors Guild already had the name arrangement.

He has a record label and a band, Hall of Mirrors for which he is the lead singer and songwriter. The band was formed in 1998.

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