Anthony Trujillo – Bio, Facts, Family Life of The YouTuber

Anthony Trujillo – Bio, Facts, Family Life of The YouTuber

Anthony Trujillo is an internet sensation with a massive following on YouTube and Instagram. The young man has been under the spotlight for many years because of his career and affiliation with notable YouTubers. Being a sharp-witted, creative, and insightful guy, Anthony has come up with smart ideas on how to make life easier for both his YouTube and Instagram fans. His contents mostly revolve around random issues about everyday life.

Apart from the overwhelming number of followers he has on his official page, his personal account also boasts an impressive number of followers, who always find their way back to his page any time they want to know more about a particular subject matter. Join us as we unveil who the YouTube star really is and other facts you may need to know about him.

Anthony Trujillo – Bio

The internet sensation hails from a town called Cleveland in Ohio. He was born there on the 4th day of May 1996 and was also raised in the city along with his sister, Ashley Trujillo. Unfortunately, there is no available information about Anthony’s ancestry, who his parents are, and what they actually do for a living.

The YouTuber had his high school education at a Westlake, Ohio-based public school known as Westlake High School. He graduated from the institution in the year 2015, however, it’s unclear if he has been admitted into a college or not.

Before fame came calling through YouTube, the internet personality was very active in sports like baseball and basketball. He started playing the former from childhood in his neighborhood. In fact, he is said to have played little league baseball at a younger age.

Anthony Trujillo is friends with renowned YouTube star Logan Paul and his brother Jake Paul. The trio grew up together in the same neighborhood and also played basketball for fun. Their friendship took a leap to the next level when the brothers reached out to Anthony for collaborations on their music videos. The Paul brothers are famous social media stars who have created several content on YouTube.

The Cleveland native launched his online career in 2011 and later became a member of Team 10, a popular social media group that also has elite YouTubers Alissa Violet and Erika Costell as its members. Since then, his career has been on the upward side with thousands of followers to show for it. Anthony has amassed over 444,000 followers on his YouTube channel while his Instagram account is home to about 2.5 million followers.

Since March 13, 2017, he has been managing the YouTube channel Anthony And Chance along with his best friend, Chance Sutton. The collaborative channel features a variety of videos/contents produced by the duo. Presently, it has raked in over 125 million views and more than 2.5 million subscribers, becoming one of the fastest-growing YouTube platforms in America.

Anthony Trujillo – Bio, Facts, Family Life of The YouTuber
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Ever since the self-titled channel became accessible to other YouTubers, Chance and Anthony Trujillo have released several videos. Their most viewed videos include Dyed the Martinez Twin’s Hair (Prank Wars), Cutting Tessa Brooks Hair (Funny Prank), and Chance Sutton & Anthony Trujillo – No Option (Song featuring LANDON).

Anthony’s Instagram account basically features videos and pictures of himself and his friends having fun together and making the most of their young lives. Apart from YouTube and Instagram, Anthony is no stranger to other social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitch, and Snapchat.

Family Life of The YouTuber

There is absolutely little or nothing to tell about Trujillo’s love life because he keeps the information about his romantic side under wraps. The only thing that is obvious on his social media pages is that he is someone that hangs out more with people of his own gender than with girls. To make matter worse, the YouTube star has never introduced any girl to the world both in his videos and behind the camera.

Since Anthony Trujillo has not publicly declared his love for any woman in the past or present, we’ll assume he is single until he proves otherwise. For the records, the Cleveland YouTuber has not been married in the past nor has he given birth to his own children.

Facts About Anthony Trujillo

1. Anthony Trujillo was a competitive basketball player while in high school, although he didn’t win any title or award.

2. The YouTuber is 6 feet 2 inches tall. Sadly, details about his weight and other body features are missing in the picture. He has dark brown hair and a pair of hazel eyes.

3. His net worth and annual income are yet to be calculated.

4. He’s currently based in Los Angeles.

5. Drowning is the YouTuber’s biggest fear.