A Gifted Man, Zero Hour, Hart of Dixie, Atlanta, The Haves and the Have Nots are only but a few of the movies and TV films the beautiful Hollywood actress Antoinette Robertson has starred in. Before launching her Hollywood career, the actress started off at the William Esper Acting Studio, Manhattan, New York.

In 2017, she began starring in Netflix original series Dear White People, portraying Colandrea Conners (“Coco”) – a character played by Teyonah Parris in the 2014 original indie film of the same name. The series mirrors life in college through the eyes of black students, who each have to battle internal conflict while trying to maneuver a predominately white institution, Robertson played the jaded, flawed, lively and opinionated black woman.

Antoinette Robertson Bio, Age

Antoinette was born in Bronx, New York sometime in the 1990s; some source says her birth date is 26th of June 1993, although we have not been able to confirm that, we can confirm that the actress is currently in her twenties.

Not so much is known about her parents asides that they are from the Caribbean. It is also not certain if she is an only child or has siblings. The actress spent most of her growing up days in Jamaica. Growing up on the Island, she said was truly life-changing but that notwithstanding, she enjoyed Jamaica’s natural beauty and her peoples’ rich culture.

The actress is a chemist, she bagged a degree in Chemistry from the Stony Brook University but because she couldn’t quench her love for the art and acting, she took the bold step to stick with her passion. To set the ball rolling, Antoinette enrolled at the William Esper Acting Studio, Manhattan, New York.

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After the two-year she spent at The William Esper Acting Studio, Antoinette Robertson launched her Hollywood career starring in a couple of short films. Her other screen credits include A Gifted Man, Zero Hour, Hart of Dixie, Atlanta, The Haves and the Have Nots, Dear White People, etc.

Her character in Dear White People has become one of her most popular screen roles. In the Netflix original series which began airing in 2017, she played Colandrea Conners (“Coco”) – a character played by Teyonah Parris in the original indie film of the same name.

For the actress, her favorite on-screen moment is episode nine of the Netflix series when the character she played, Coco came down the stairs with her natural hair. Antoinette Robertson said it wasn’t just a great moment for Coco alone but for her also as she has been made to feel her afro hair wasn’t good enough but at that moment when Coco descended down the stairs with her natural hair, she told hypebae.com that it was a moment she could draw from.

And for her experience in the industry as a woman of color, Antoinette Robertson says dealing with adversity in life helped her cope with adversity in the industry.

Net Worth

The actress doesn’t have a very fat bank account at the moment but with a surging career and a bright future ahead of her, that will definitely change. Her net worth is estimated at about half a million dollar ($500, 000).

Is She Married and Who is Her Husband?

Antoinette Robertson is possibly single; she is one of the many celebrities that keep their private lives away from the eyes of the public and she has managed to do that perfectly well as there is no available info about her private life online, although she mentioned her boyfriend in passing in one of her interviews with jetmag.com but never revealed his identity.

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Height and Other Facts

Antoinette Robertson is not one of the tallest in the industry, neither is she on the list of the shortest. She stands at 5′ 8″ (1.73 m); that is over average height. She currently weighs 135 pounds (61 kg).

The actress was born Antoinette Nicole Robertson.

Not many know that Antoinette was a model; yes she did model for a couple of years.

Robertson said her favorite part of playing the character Coco is letting the world see beyond the false narrative of the “angry black woman” and see her as an intelligent, powerful, ambitious woman who wouldn’t allow labels to define her.

The most valued lesson she has learned in her acting career is to be prepared and present. “Telling the story is more important than anything. Keep telling the story and leave yourself alone. You are enough”, she added.