Ari Jennings – Net Worth, Age, Height and Family Facts

Ari Jennings – Net Worth, Age, Height and Family Facts

The Kardashian/Jenner sisters are not only the celebrity siblings the world knows. Ari Jennings and her celebrity sister may not have dominated the world like but the truth remains they are quite influential and have a massive following both in real life and on other platforms. While Ari is a reality television star, her younger sister, Jazz Jennings is a household name in the LGBT community, in the internet world, and television industry.

Ari is easily recognized for featuring in the American television series I Am Jazz, which documents the story of her younger sister and her day-to-day lives as a transgender. The show has been running since July 15, 2015, on the pay television channel TLC and has earned them positive reviews.

Ari Jennings – Bio, Age

Ari Jennings may not have grown up on camera like her sister, but she has been part of her journey to the international spotlight. The daughter of Greg and Jeanette Jennings, she was born on 24th December 1995. Ari is an American native, precisely from Southern Florida.

The reality star is a high school and college graduate. She is said to have passed out with academic honors and was the salutatorian of her high school but the name of the institution is missing in the picture. Ari had her college studies at the University of Florida, however, there is no information about the exact course she studied and the year she graduated.

The beautiful American lady is very passionate about singing. She has severally performed on the stage and plans to become a successful singer someday in the future. Ari, is particularly in love with the 1960s classic rock, while her favorite artist is none other than the celebrated African American songwriter, singer, and guitarist Jimi Hendrix (born James Marshall Hendrix).

Family Facts

Ari was born into a Jewish family and she has three siblings including Jazz Jennings. As we mentioned earlier, the names of her parents are Greg and Jeanette. According to records, Jennings is not their real surname but rather a pseudonym. Her immediate younger siblings are her twin brothers Sander and Griffen while Jazz is the last child of her parents. The siblings, along with their parents, have been supportive of Jazz since she became a public figure as a transgender.

Jazz was born male but her parents got shocked when doctors diagnosed her with gender dysphoria at the age of five. What this means is that as a child, Jazz was not satisfied with her assigned gender/biological sex. This was also confirmed by her parents who narrated how the young girl made it clear that she is a female when she was still tender.

Ari Jennings – Net Worth, Age, Height and Family Facts
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Upon hitting age six, the transgender activist and her parents began making appearances on TV to share with the world the challenges of raising up transgender. Jazz was further launched into immense popularity after she had an interview with journalist Barbara Walters on the television newsmagazine, 20/20.

Today, Jazz Jennings is popularly known for her reality tv program, Am Jazz (2015) and her memoir Being Jazz: My Life as a (Transgender) Teen (2016). The teen LGBT activist and her parents, in 2007, founded the TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation to raise awareness about transgender issues and also assist transgender youth.

Jazz has been part of extracurricular activities and she is working on how to make short films. Recently, a transgender doll was created in her honor as a way of making a better representation of transgender people.

Not much is known about Ari’s twin brothers Sander and Griffen. However, one thing that is clear is that they’ve been part of their sister’s journey under the spotlight. Jazz (named Jaron at birth) and Ari are very close to each other, in fact, the latter was the person who encouraged her sister to pick up the name “Jazz”.

Ari Jennings Net Worth

Ari Jennings is an up-and-coming singer with a bright future and so much to accomplish in the coming years. Sadly, it is difficult to tell what her major source of income is and how much she has made from it. Therefore, information about her annual earnings and net worth is missing online as they are yet to be calculated.


While Jazz stands a height of 5 feet 2 inches, the exact measurements for Ari’s height, weight, and physical features have not been publicly disclosed