Arnold Schwarzenegger’s House, Family And Divorce

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s House, Family And Divorce

It seems that we are far from done with the Terminator star, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The former bodybuilder, politician, and present actor has quite the tale spun around him. It has all the makings of a catchy story and it leaves you thinking, ‘I have definitely seen this in a movie somewhere. Let us take a closer look at the affair that almost wrecked his family and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s house where the story unraveled.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s House

It is common for homes to have a tough time shaking off a bad reputation; there are haunted houses, murder houses, and most recently Arnold Schwarzenegger’s house. The house on its own was innocent, it’s what went down that lives after it. Tainted by a public sex scandal, the house which was listed to be sold in 2011 sat in the market for up to 2 years. It was later sold for the sum of $12.5 million.

Besides the ‘ghost’s of infidelity past’ that once haunted it, the Mediterranean-styled house boasts of, 9 bedrooms, 9.5 baths, a large pool, a cabana, and a championship-size tennis court. The grounds, spanning 2.48 acres, include expansive lawns, gardens a duck pond, a geometrically shaped swimming pool, and a large patio.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s house is nothing short of classy and elegant. The front door opens up to a tastefully furnished living room. You know your living room is classy when you have a piano in it, regardless of whether you can play it or not. The living room itself has large arched French windows, that provide a clear view of the lush grounds.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s House, Family And Divorce

This mini-tour would be very incomplete without a look at one of the 9 bedrooms the Schwarzenegger mansion boasts of. This lucky room features beige walls, dark wooden floors, and a large bed surrounded by a canopy.

Outside the house is just as beautiful as it is inside, with the following features; a geometrically shaped swimming pool, a large patio, and colorful gardens.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s House, Family And Divorce

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s house has a certain level of privacy that only its long driveway can provide. Way to keep out the world Arnold, although we still found our way in. This house has us wondering where we can sign up to become bodybuilders/actors/producers/politicians/actors again. The unique resume is definitely worth it if it warrants a house like this.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Family

The Actor and his family lived in this lovely mansion from 1986-2003 according to the Los Angeles Times and apparently, in 2002 the couple purchased another Brentwood home which they still own today.

The Terminator actor has quite a lovely family; he married his wife, Maria Shriver on April 6, 1986, and the couple, currently separated, we’re blessed with 4 children. Maria is popularly known as an American journalist, activist, author of six best-selling books, and the former First Lady of California. If America was a Monarch State, she would be considered royalty as she is related to the Kennedys on her maternal side.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s House, Family And Divorce

As mentioned earlier, their marriage produced 4 children; Katherine, 26, Christina, 25, Patrick, 22, and Christopher, 18. The list would not be complete, without mentioning the son he fathered as a result of his with his housekeeper of 20 years, Mildred Patricia Baena. The young man, Joseph Baena, is 18 years old, born a mere 5 days after Christopher.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Divorce

In hindsight, we should have added, ‘or lack thereof to the subheading above. The actor and his wife have been separated for five years since she filed for divorce. OK, here we go! She filed for divorce, so that sub-heading was not a total waste of space. The events that led to the divorce were quite dramatic and created a very public scandal, that affected the whole family.

The official split happened in 2011 when it surfaced that Schwarzenegger was having an affair with ‘the help’. In this case, ‘the help’ was Mildred Patricia Baena (Patty), who was their housemaid for 20 years. The star has admitted that the breakdown of his marriage is his biggest failure, but rather than leaving it at that he has endeavored to keep the family together.

Even though he has not signed the divorce papers, the actor has since moved on. He has been in a relationship with Physical therapist, Heather Milligan for about three years. If we say we are not confused, we would be lying because it is generally believed that the couple amicably agreed on a straight split of their estimated $400 million fortune. Sign the papers Arnold!  Despite their estrangement, they have managed to maintain a good relationship with each other and their children.

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