Ashley Youle – Biography, Facts About Gold Rush TV Star

Ashley Youle – Biography, Facts About Gold Rush TV Star

Ashley Youle is a reality TV star and can be considered a bonafide celebrity. She came into the limelight when she starred on the long-running hit reality TV series Gold Rush which airs on the Discovery Channel. She was the love interest of Parker Schnabel, one of the show’s central characters. Her performance on the Gold Rush helped to make her famous among TV audiences across the world but she quickly went off the radar when her spell on the show came to an end. Of course, she had a career prior to her appearance on the show and many are curious to know what she has been up to since she left the Gold Rush cast.

Ashley Youle – Biography

Youle is known to have been born in Australia, however, many other specific details about her early life and upbringing are yet to be revealed. It remains unclear if “Ashley Youle” is her birth name or just a professional moniker. Details about her education also appear to be unavailable but she is known to be a veterinary nurse by profession prior to her appearance on television.

Youle’s life took a new turn in 2016 when she marked her screen debut on season 7 of the hit reality TV series Gold Rush. She was introduced as the girlfriend of one of the show’s regular characters Parker Schnabel, a young millionaire who made his fortune through his family’s gold mining business. Gold Rush basically follows the activities of different family-owned mining businesses.

Ashley Youle marked her television debut on the 7th season of Gold Rush which premiered in October 2016, starring as Parker Schnabel’s lover. She met Schnabel during the off-season when the latter had embarked on a trip to her home country of Australia. The two are said to have had an instant connection and their friendship began almost immediately. Schnabel invited her over to the United States where they spent more time together and their relationship officially commenced.

Youle appeared in a total of 26 Gold Rush episodes from 2016 to 2018. While on the show, she helped out in a number of mining activities such as the washing of the gold and also driving the trucks. However, there were concerns from people in the Yukon Territory of Canada where the mining took place over the fact that Youle was not qualified to work there because she only had a tourist visa.

Despite these issues, Parker Schnabel has revealed that Youle’s contributions, coupled with her jovial personality helped him achieve his set goals on Gold Rush season 7. Their relationship remained blissful well into the 8th season of the show. However, Gold Rush fans were met with a rude shock in March 2018 when Schnabel announced that his relationship with Youle had come to an end. According to him, he was mainly to blame for their breakup as he had been too focused on his career and had relegated his relationship with Youle to the background. This shocking announcement marked the end of what had been a perfect love story between the two reality TV stars.

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More Facts About the Gold Rush TV Star

  • Her Showbiz Career

Ashley Youle’s showbiz career can be said to have been relatively short-lived as it ended almost as soon as it commenced. Her appearance on Gold Rush remains her best-known television credit and she has quickly returned to her home country of Australia when her stint on the show came to an end.

Youle has since returned to her career as a veterinary nurse but having attained this significant level of prominence, it is possible that she may return to show business sometime in the near future.

  • Relationship and Dating Life

Youle’s relationship with Parker Schnabel remains her only romantic involvement that is known to the public. The relationship lasted nearly two years from 2016 when she first appeared on Gold Rush until 2018 when it came to an unceremonious end.

It remains unclear if she has remained single ever since or if she has gotten together with any other person. There is also a possibility that she now prefers to keep her dating life away from the media.

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