Ashton Kutcher’s Twin Brother: All You Need To Know

Celebrities are obviously people too, they have siblings too and occasionally that sibling happens to be a twin. This actor has credited his twin for being a positive influence in his life on more than one occasion, he even credited his brother for teaching him how to love. It’s only fair that we check out Ashton Kutcher’s twin, Michael.

Ashton has dominated our screens for quite some time, but what some of you may not know is that there is another Kutcher and he happens to be the star’s twin brother. He gets his fair share of attention, but today we want to give him all our attention so we can get to understand the bond between the brothers as a whole.

Ashton Kutcher’s Twin Brother

His name is Michael Kutcher and of course, he was also born on 7 February 1978. The fact that they are fraternal twins is not the only thing that makes it easy to tell the boys apart, but Michael developed cerebral palsy (a disability that mostly affects motor function) and cardiomyopathy (diseases of the heart and muscles) and he even required a heart transplant during his teenage years. Through it all, the brothers have remained closer than ever.

‘ We’re twins … and I consider him my best friend,’ Ashton said. The star even attended the University of Iowa and studied biochemical engineering, driven by the need to find a cure for Michael’s heart disease before he starred on That 70’s Show.

It has been a tumultuous journey for Michael since birth, while Ashton weighed 10.5 pounds at birth while Michael was only 4 pounds. When telling the stories about the circumstances surrounding his birth, Mike recalled that ” The doctor told my parents, You might want to name and baptize him. He may not survive.” Well, 39 years later, he’s still kicking.

According to Ashton Kutcher’s twin, his case is not even on the severe side according to medical science, but what he has gone through sounds as severe as can be to us. His walk is impaired and so is his speech, in addition to that, he has trouble performing physical tasks with his right side. That’s not all, he is 80 percent deaf in his left ear and has had two cataract surgeries.

That is quite a weight for just one man to carry, but he has braved through it and taken it like a champ. He is human though, so some days are better than others. He cited an example, remembering when Ashton and he were just kids at the elementary school level.

They were shooting basketball following each other’s shots and Ashton made a shot called ‘right hand’. As Mike walked away already determined that he could not make the shot, his twin told him, ” You can do anything you want. I can’t make that shot for you. Mom’s not here; she can’t do it for you. It’s your challenge. Stop using your disability as a crutch. This is your obstacle.”

Well, he did not make the shot when he tried, but he has kept those words in mind all these years and they have carried him through some pretty intense circumstances. Today, Michael is not just Ashton Kutcher’s twin brother, he decided long ago that was not all he could be. Today he is a spokesman for Reaching for the Stars, an organization advocating for children with cerebral palsy.

Through this, he has definitely distinguished himself as a voice for people everywhere living with Cerebral palsy. That is all we have on Ashton Kutcher’s twin brother, or as he is rightfully known, Michael Kutcher.

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