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Austin Feinstein is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist best known for being the lead vocalist of the fast-rising indie rock band, Slow Hollows. He is beloved for his magical singing abilities, as well as his knack for creating wonderful sounds that lure the listeners in and keeps them captivated from the beginning to end. He began his musical career from a very young age and he has already established himself in the industry as one of the faces to watch out for. Critics and the media all agree that Austin is music’s gift to the world, with his pure talent and genius.

The young man is making waves in the entertainment world, having already collaborated with several well-known stars such as Frank Ocean and Tyler the Creator. His band has also garnered a very large following as their popularity and success are growing by the day. They are already considered to be the hottest indie band in the City of Angels, all their musical projects so far have done exceedingly well. His sultry vocal is the powerhouse of the band and so is their sound, which Austin has described as post-punk because of the strange and exciting things they try to do with each new record.

Austin Feinstein’s Biography

Austin Feinstein was born on December 23, 1997, in Los Angeles, California. There is no information regarding his early life or where he went to school, or even what educational qualifications he has attained. Austin was born with music in his blood, so it was only a matter of how soon he would embrace and answer this call of rhythm. He began writing and recording his own songs when he was only 13 just so he could explore and experiment with his love for music.

Although his parents had a love for music too, they never tried to get him hooked on any particular genre, he was allowed to try everything and see what sounds resonated with him best. Eventually, he wanted to have a band of his own so that they would help him perform his songs live and the way he wanted them to be performed. Austin started looking out for the right people whose musical abilities fit the vision of the sounds he was hoping to create. A friend eventually introduced him to his first bandmate Nick Santana, who became the drummer for the band. As time went along, Jamie Atkinson joined the group as a bass player, then the guitarist Dylan Thomas became a member of the band in 2013.

The band has released two albums so far. Their first album was called Atelophobia and their second album was titled Romantic. Both projects have helped grow the fame of the band and have widened their commercial reach, as well as satisfied the critics. Austin also releases music under the name – Teeks. The one thing that remains constant is his musical dexterity. Austin Feinstein is also a talented guitarist who has featured on the albums of several notable musicians like and Frank Ocean. He was credited on Frank’s Blonde album on the song “Self Control”. For Tyler, he played guitar on the songs “Foreword”, “Boredom”, and “Garden Shed” from the album Flower Boy, and “Perfect” from the album Cherry Bomb.

The Family Life of The Musician

Austin Feinstein has shied away from talking about his private life except in relation to his music. He is yet to disclose the names of his parents, what they do for a living or any other details about his family background. It is also not known whether he has any siblings. However, the singer-songwriter does say that he has a good relationship with his parents.

Austin Feinstein’s Celebrity Facts

1. In 2015, Austin was picked by Hedi Slimane to walk the runway for the prestigious fashion brand, Yves Saint Laurent at their fashion show because of his influence on the underground music culture in Los Angeles.

2. His band was originally named Hollows, but they had to change it after they discovered that there many bands in the area with the name. Since they wanted to create a unique identity without the risk of losing their fanbase, they decided to add “Slow” to the name, making them Slow Hollows.

3. Some of Austin’s musical influences include greats like The Velvet Underground, Elliott Smith, Jon Brian, Lou Reed, and Radiohead.

4. Austin Feinstein has played with bands such as Cherry Glazerr and The Garden.

5. He dreams of one day collaborating with Fiona Apple, Dev Hynes, and Julian Casablancas.

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