Avajaijai – Biography, Facts, Everything You Need To Know

Avajaijai – Biography, Facts, Everything You Need To Know

Avajaijai is a Canadian-born gamer and one of those smart enough to use the digital world to their advantage. She has become huge on the gaming platform, Twitch with a large follower base to attest to her uniqueness. She began using the video streaming platform to participate in games such as Call of Duty, Until Dawn, and the Grand Theft Auto series. The platform is also used for personal streams of individual players, and gaming-related talk shows among other things. Avajaijai is also known for playing Until Dawn with Alanah Pearce.

Avajaijai Biography

It is a known fact that Avajaijai is only the Twitch star’s gaming identity. A pointer to what her real name would be is seen on her Facebook account which has the name Amanda Myddleton. With regards to her birth, it is widely known that she was born on 28 August 1990 in Canada. The details regarding her birth like the exact town she was born in and the identities of her parents are not known. Other aspects of her early life such as where she was raised and who she was raised with (with regards to siblings) still remain a mystery as long as the public is concerned.

Avajaijai has however revealed that she attended Fontainebleau High School in Mandeville and for her advanced studies, she attended Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh, New York. Concerning her personal life, her hobbies and interests while she was younger are not known, however, she is presently involved in charitable contributions. The gamer did a charity stream for Autism Awareness Month in April 2016. This made her stand out as a role model for many others.

As for her career path before she found fame on social media, Avajaijai’s Facebook page reveals that she worked with McDonald’s (even though her job description and the exact time she worked there is unknown. She has revealed very little of her life before her social media fame. Today, she is popularly known as an online gamer who streams on Twitch where she plays various types of games. She is not known for playing Fortnite but the popular Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto series, and horror games like Until Dawn. However, it is not known when she opened her Twitch account or when she began streaming.

Avajaijai – Biography, Facts, Everything You Need To Know
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Other Facts and Everything You Need To Know About Avajaijai

How Much is Avajaijai Worth?

Avajaijai gained most of her wealth if not all by playing and streaming her video gameplays online. She has been able to gain over 340k followers on Twitch which has bolstered her financial arsenal. However, It is not known the exact amount or estimated figures she earns per day or annually from her Twitch endeavors. She also runs a YouTube and Instagram account but is not so popular on them as she is widely known on Twitch.

There is no analysis available online on how much Twitch users earn and what factors affect their earnings. Similarly, it is also not known how much Avajaijai gains through ads placed on her videos but some sources have placed her cumulative net worth between $1 million to $10 million.


It is common for fans and admirers to want to know about the family background of their favorite celebrities. Some of these celebrities acknowledge this need and provide such in their discussions or interviews that would receive public attention. Many online celebrities feature their parents and siblings on some of their online videos or pictures. Also, stories about family backgrounds could be challenging as well as inspiring to fans.

Despite this indisputable fact, Avajaijai has not disclosed anything concerning her family. Her parent’s identities, nationalities, and occupations remain unknown. Also, none of her siblings have been mentioned anywhere. We will keep you posted on any updates on her family.

Boyfriend or Husband

The beautiful gamer’s love life has been one not void of its ups and downs. It is common knowledge that she was once romantically involved with fellow Twitch star Anthony Kongphan. Anthony was formerly an actor and model in New York who later began video game streaming. The year he started streaming is not known, however, it is popularly known that he makes his streams outrageously long and charity-oriented. It is not also known when Anthony and Avajaijai began dating and when they announced their break up but it is certain they are no longer an item. Her Twitter account reveals tweets of the aftermath of the break-up and how she has been dealing with it.