Bakhar Nabieva Biography, Height, Body Measurements, Family

Bakhar Nabieva Biography, Height, Body Measurements, Family

Bakhar Nabieva is a renowned professional bodybuilder and a  fitness training model. She ventured into bodybuilding and fitness modelling because while in high school, she was being bullied by her classmates for having a skinny physique. Bakhar who was self-taught previously had no training experience but she pushed herself into engaging in intense exercise. She was able to work out her muscles accurately as a result of reading bodybuilding magazines.

Bakhar Nabieva Biography

Bakhar Nabieva, the resplendent fitness model and bodybuilder was born on the 8th of April 1994 in Baku, Azerbaijan. She is also known as ‘Miss Iron Bum’, this was due to her active engagement in fitness modelling and bodybuilding. Bakhar attended a local school in Baku. When she was in school, she suffered all kinds of humiliation from her classmates because of her lean physique. As a result of this mockery, Bakhar Nabieva was traumatized and she decided to join a gym. Despite the fact that she had no training, knowledge or previous experience, she got herself engaged in rigorous exercise.

Eventually, Bakhar Nabieva studied her way into getting the right training experience; this was after she started reading various bodybuilding magazines. Thanks to the tips and insight gotten from these magazines, she started working out her muscles correctly. Her turning point began when she woke up from her sleep and discovered the transformation in her body. With her new looks, she now looks delectable, adored, and loved by people who once despised her. She currently has the macho of an athlete and a charming physique.

Bakhar Nabieva Career

The sultry model once took part in a bikini fitness contest. She later lost interest in the competition because of the strict diet and little carbohydrates. Bakhar sees no fun in such competition, she refers to them as punishment. On a path to reach out to more people, Bakhar Nabieva joined Instagram and Facebook. She started posting her workout, modelling videos, and photos on her social media handles.

In recognition of her achievements and hard work, Barkhar has clinched several endorsement deals through her social media presence. She was recognized and approached by several top fitness brands. One of her key endorsement deals is by Dragon Pharma Gorilla Wear USA.


There is hardly any information available online regarding Bakhar Nabieva’s family, she has so far been very private about this aspect of her life. In 2017, she once posted the picture above as her family goals, the picture shows a well-built man held by his wife who is just as fit as Bakhar. She also seems to love kids, as the picture also shows a little boy and girl looking at a view; standing right next to their parents.

We do know that Bakhar Nabieva takes her followers and fans online as her family. Motivated by her alluring looks, she started posting her pictures on Instagram and Facebook. Her activities on social media got her hundreds of followers monitoring her day-to-day life. She currently has over 1.5 million followers on Instagram and over 13k subscribers on YouTube.

Bakhar Nabieva Biography, Height, Body Measurements, Family
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Idols and Influences

On a wider scale, Bakhar Nabieva was influenced by Brazilian models who she admires because of their sexy looks and thicker bodies. Gracyanne Barbosa is one of the models she admires so much. She was able to achieve her thicker looks because she was dedicated and determined like the Brazilian models.


Bakhar has never engaged herself in any controversy. She keeps her personal life away from the public and maintains her professional career.

Height, Body Measurements

Bakhar has an alluring and nice figure which makes her the cynosure of all eyes whenever she steps out. She has an adorable shape that gives her a very attractive and irresistible look. This is because she engages in exercise and also checks her diet in order to maintain her sexy figure. Barker’s height is 5 ft 2 inches and She weighs 56.7kg.

Bakhar Nabieva Net Worth

The fortune Barkhar has made so far is estimated to be around $250 thousand dollars. Modelling, endorsements, and fitness training are her major sources of revenue. Her commitment and zeal for fitness have made her rich.