Barbara Minty – Bio, Facts About The Model And Steve McQueen’s Ex-Wife

Barbara Minty – Bio, Facts About The Model And Steve McQueen’s Ex-Wife

Barbara Minty is a former model whose face has graced the cover of many prestigious magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Glamour. Many years later, however, she is more popular as the third wife of the late action movie icon, Steve McQueen. Although their marriage did not last up to a year before the Hollywood bad boy lost his life, it still remains one of the things that are highlighted once her name gets mentioned. Apart from being a model and the wife of McQueen, Minty is also a photographer and a published author. Learn more about her below…

Barbara Minty Biography

It was on June 11, 1953, in Seattle, Washington that Barbara Minty was born to a dairy farmer. It was, however, in Corvallis, Oregon that she was brought up.

With so much grace and beauty, she always wanted to become a model at the back of her mind and so, as soon as she graduated from Corvallis High School in 1971, she was off to New York where she started her career as a fashion model. She gradually rose to become a supermodel and one of the most paid in the business during her time. She was also one of the most photographed.

Barbara was involved in many campaigns and advertisements and also graced the covers of many magazines including Glamour Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine, and many others.

She would later get married to Steve McQueen who would die less than a year afterward. From the experience, she wrote her book, Steve McQueen — The Last Mile which documents the last part of the life of the legendary actor.

Also a photographer, Minty would later have exhibitions for her works in different parts of the world from such as London, Liverpool, and The United States. Other places that she took her work to are Japan, Holland, Germany, and France.

Her Relationship With Steve McQueen

When Barbara Minty was still a girl of five years old, she became a fan of the legendary American actor, Steve McQueen. She would sit quietly in front of the TV every Saturday night to watch CBS’s Wanted: Dead or Alive, the show that brought Steve to the limelight.

Many years later when she was in her twenties and still a model, she received a call that Steve McQueen had seen her on a Club Med advertisement and he wanted her to audition for his next project, Tom Horn. That was in July 1977 and at the time, McQueen was still married to his second wife, Ali MacGraw even though the marriage was already troubled.

Barbara Minty – Bio, Facts About The Model And Steve McQueen’s Ex-Wife
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Beyond the fact that he was married, he already had the reputation of being one of the bad boys in Hollywood. His name was associated with everything from sex to drugs, and even wife-beating. Still, he had the looks and charisma to sweep off almost any girl he wanted. The charm worked well for him as soon as Barbara Minty entered his office.

For the next two years and more, the two became an item, and then in 1980 when he was sneaking off the public with failing health, the couple got married. Unfortunately, less than a year later, the actor lost his life to cancer leaving his wife of 28 a widow.

Facts About The Model

1. Her husband had a troubled childhood

While growing up, Steve McQueen did not have the easiest of upbringing. He was born by a mother who was a hooker and a father who was a circus stuntman and would always beat him. Shortly after he became a teenager, he lost his virginity to a teenager of 15. He would later work in a brothel as a kid of 16 and even before then, he was in a gang.

2. Barbara was the third wife of Steve McQueen

As already stated, the former model was the third wife of McQueen whose reputation with women was nothing good. His first wife was Filipino-American actress and singer Neile Adams whom he was married to from 1956 to 1972. His next wife was Ali MacGraw from 1973 to 1978.

3. She helped McQueen to become a born again Christian

In the last year of his life, McQueen was taken to church by Minty where he had Bible studies with Rev. Billy Graham. It was revealed that he later accepted Christ and became a born-again Christian.

4. Minty is now married

Years after losing her first husband, Barbara Minty got married again to a man known as David Brunsvold. However, nothing much is known about the union.

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