Bear Grey Payne – Bio, Age, Family, Facts About Cheryl’s Son 

Bear Grey Payne – Bio, Age, Family, Facts About Cheryl’s Son 

Bear Grey Payne is the son of popular British musicians – Liam Payne and Cheryl “Cole” Fernandez-Versini. Asides from being a celebrity child, Bear began to trend on social media when his parents announced his first and middle names. The name inspired lots of ‘memes’ and several jokes on and off the media. While his parents are no longer together, they have remained friends for the sake of baby Bear as they want him to have both his father and mother in his life.

Bear Grey Payne Bio (Age)

Bear Grey Payne came into this world on the 22nd of March 2017. He was born at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, Chelsea London.

His father shared a post on Instagram on the 25th of March 2017, officially announcing his birth. It was a picture of him cradling Bear on his chest. His mother posted the same picture. Bear Grey began to trend before he was born so it’s safe to say his parent’s motive about his choice of name has been achieved. They wanted a unique and unforgettable name.

Bear has lived a sheltered life away from the media brouhaha that trails his parents and their celebrity status. His parents have been careful about sharing his pictures on their social media accounts. Up till now, a picture of his full-face hasn’t been shared by his parents. All that has been shared are pictures of his hand, leg, head/hair, and back. As such, it is hard to tell what he actually looks like.

His father, in particular, shared a picture of him and Bear Grey in similar Yeezy trainers. The picture instantly went viral receiving thousands of likes. It is obvious that his parents are smitten by him with the constant intimate details that Liam shares and Cheryl’s refusal to get a nanny; she looks after him ’24/7′.

His parents’ reason for keeping his face out of the pictures they share is that they don’t want him to have the pressure that comes with being in the spotlight. They want him to enjoy himself and his childhood first before he figures things out by himself.

Family of Bear Grey Payne

Cheryl and Liam first met in 2011 when a fourteen-year-old Liam auditioned for ‘The X Factor. Cheryl was one of the judges. Liam went ahead to join the ‘One Direction’ band and became successful before starting out his solo career.

Bear Grey Payne – Bio, Age, Family, Facts About Cheryl’s Son 
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The duo began to date in February 2016 despite their ten years age difference with Cheryl being the older one. They were quite open with their relationship as they were often photographed together.

The duo initially kept the news about Cheryl’s pregnancy under wraps but it was revealed after she did an advert for L’Oreal towards the end of 2016.

Cheryl has been married twice before her relationship with Liam Payne. She was married to a footballer, Ashley Cole, between 2006-2010 and then Jean-Bernard Ferdinand-Versini in 2014. it was during her separation from Jean that she began to date Liam. Ironically, she and Liam with whom she shares a child were never married.

The couple broke up on the 1st of July 2018. They posted a similar statement on their social media accounts asking for privacy as they navigate through the rough time. While they didn’t give a reason for their split, rumors about their imminent breakup had been making the rounds for a while. Liam admits that they have been having issues since the birth of Bear Grey Payne.

It is believed that Liam found it difficult to maintain a balance between fatherhood and his career. He has been on tour consecutively almost throughout the period leading to Bear’s birth and even thereafter. While it was rumored that there will be a custody battle, Liam has come out to declare that it won’t happen. Bear Grey Payne is still young and just wants his mom.

Interesting Facts About Cheryl’s son

1. Bear Grey has an Instagram account where pictures and updates about him are posted.

2. His mother chose his first name and his father chose his middle name.

3. Bear Grey Payne didn’t start walking until he was past the age of one. His father explained that it is because he is quite massive and lanky and people keep asking what they feed him. He said that when kids are bigger it takes them a while to get their core balance.

4. Baby Bear is one lucky child. He has been showered with expensive gifts, especially from his parents’ celebrity friends among them are Niall Horan and Khloe Kardashian to mention a few.