Bella Robertson – Bio, Age, Facts About Willie Robertson’s Daughter

It must feel amazing growing up in a mansion and being raised by parents who are worth billions of dollars. This is a wish that has only come true for quite a few individuals – a minute number of which Bella Robertson, the teenage daughter of Willie Robertson, is privileged to be a part of. Bella is an upcoming actress who is best known, not for her film credits, but for being the daughter of Willie Robertson. Willie plays one of the characters in the reality show, Duck Dynasty and is also the C.E.O of Duck Commander and Buck Commander.

Duck Dynasty is a very popular reality show loved and watched by many in the United States. The show began in 2012 and featured Bella for the first time in April 2012. Her mother describes her as a lively and fun-loving child. Bella featured in the inspirational movie, I’m Not Ashamed, released in 2016. Her mother, Korie also featured in the film as Aunt Bea.

Bella Robertson lives in a lavish mansion with four of her siblings, many other relatives and her grandparents. The young actress shares a special bond with her siblings. She is not one of those children who sit around and enjoy her parents’ wealth, she believes in putting in hard work and has always done so, ever since she was just a little child.

Bella Robertson’s Bio (Age)

Bella was born Bella Chrysanne Robertson on September 16, 2002. She was born in West Monroe, Louisiana, to Willie and Korie Robertson. Much is not known about her educational background and it is not known if she is currently in school. About her career, she began starring on television shows in 2012. She appeared on her family reality show, Duck Dynasty and has also featured in a movie, I’m Not Ashamed, playing the character of Anna.

Facts About Bella Robertson – Willie Robertson’s Daughter


Family is a very essential part of any person’s life. The kind of family one is born and raised in, largely determines the character and direction of a person later in life. Records have it that dysfunctional families often lead to problematic children, who later become a menace to the society.

Fortunately, this is not the case with Bella Robertson. She was born into a loving, caring and Christian family, who uphold the values of the religion. She was born into the family of Korie and Willie Robertson who are both devout Catholics. Willie’s parents, Phil and Kay are the pioneers of the Duck Commander, a multi-million dollar company that produces hunting tools. Currently, the company is managed by Willie and Korie.

Willie met Korie while they were in high school and they got married immediately after graduation and have been together ever since. From their over 20-year marriage, they have three biological and two adopted children. One of the adopted kids, Rebecca (the other is Will), was a Taiwan transfer student who came to America. At the time of her adoption, she couldn’t say a single word in English. Bella’s parents both fell in love with her and decided to adopt her.

Their other children include and . The family lives together in West Monroe in a big mansion with Willie’s grandparents and some other relatives. The family members attend the church programmes regularly and pick every opportunity to talk about their love for God. Asides being business owners, Willie and Korie are producers and actors. They initiated the reality television show, Duck Dynasty which has become a well-watched show in America, garnering about $80 million from 2012-2013 and $40 million from merchandising. The show ran from 2012-2017 and was based on the Robertson family.

Who is Her Boyfriend?

In the 21st century, it is not strange to hear of teenagers falling in love and starting a relationship. Bella also falls into this category of teenagers. The Duck Dynasty star has been in a relationship with the son of Candice and Valerie Brue, Lev Brue. Lev is a hockey player, blogger and an Instagram star. He was born in Pacific Palisades, California. He is of Russian descent and comes from a family of hockey players. He grew up alongside his brother and sister, Maksim and Natasha. Their relationship seems to be approved by both parents.


Net Worth

Bella is an upcoming celebrity, from a well-known and respected family. Her family is worth millions of dollars, as of 2018, her father, Willie, was estimated to worth $20 million. He has been in charge of expanding his father’s business for a while and has been doing a fine job, so far. His daughter, however, has had only one movie role and a television role so far, therefore, it is not expected that she has garnered so much wealth as her father. Up to date, there has been no official conclusion on Bella’s net worth or earnings.

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