Ben Schneider – Bio, Personal Details, All You Need To Know

Ben Schneider – Bio, Personal Details, All You Need To Know

In 2018, the former US President, Barrack Obama made available his list of movies, books, and music of 2018. On the list which had 22 songs is “Wait by the River” which was sung by Lord Huron, an indie-folk band that started as a project of Ben Schneider. The list shone the light more on Schneider and other members of the band, although they had already started making a name for themselves before then.

While the name of Ben will always remain tied to the band, there is so much more about the singer.

Ben Schneider Biography

It was on October 18, 1984, that he was born Benjamin Schneider in the United States. He was raised in Michigan together with his three siblings. While growing up, he was a very creative kid who had a knack for both music and painting.

With his eyes set on music more than painting, he started writing songs when he was much younger. In fact, he was raised in a family that loved music with a father who owned a guitar. When he got to middle school and then high school, he did the orchestra.

Ben Schneider got his early education in his hometown where he started writing songs and then he later moved to the University of Michigan where he studied visual arts. Nonetheless, it was in France that he completed his education and obtained his degree. He once worked as a painter in order to be able to pay his bills when he was still in school.

After he left France, Ben moved to New York and then Los Angeles where he started his career in full. In 2010, he started Lord Huron which at the time was his personal project. The band got its name from Lake Huron, a place where Ben spent a lot of time as a kid growing up.

By 2012, the project had expanded to a band with more members including Mark Barry who was his childhood friend since he was five as the drummer, Tom Renaud as its guitarist, and then Miguel Briseno as the bassist. By then, the band had already started making a name for its reminiscent sound.

The first album of the band, Lonesome Dreams was released in 2012. This was followed much later in 2015 with the release of Strange Trails which like the first, was under the record label Iamsound. In 2018, he released Vide Noir with the band under the record label Republic. The album has 12 songs including Wait by the River which is one of Obama’s best discoveries of 2018.

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Personal Details

Apart from music, which is something that has taken him very far, Ben Schneider has a very interesting life. When he moved to Los Angeles where he has been living since then, he revealed that it was a girl that he followed there.

His father, John Schneider worked for the Lansing State Journal in Michigan for 35 years. He first joined the media outfit when he was 28 and remained there until 2012 when he was 63. The singer’s mother is Sharon Schneider, and he had three siblings with only two still alive.

Ben is a married man who tied the knot in early September 2014 to his wife, Sacha Schneider. A few months before the couple tied the knot at the cottage of the family on the shore of Lake Huron, the singer traveled to Japan with his then-fiancée to get the blessing of her grandmother who lived in Wakayama, in the Kansai rejoin of Japan. Sacha is of Japanese and American descent.

The two have maintained a very private life together since tying the knot. That said, born into a family that values family, it is believed that the singer is giving all into his marriage.

Things You Need To Know About Ben Schneider

1. Before other members joined his band, Lord Huron, he released some LPs, Into The Sun and Mighty as a solo project. The band has had other members through the years including Peter Mowry, Karl Kerfoot, Brett Farkas, Andres Echeverri, and Anne Williamson.

2. Lord Huron which is now based in Los Angeles, has all its members including Ben Schneider as graduates from Okemos High School.

3. A graduate of U-M School of Art and Design, Ben once took his artwork seriously enough to put up a show for his arts at the Creole Gallery in Lansing.