Beth Dillon – Bio, Net Worth and Facts About Paul Teutul Sr.’s Ex-Wife

People get famous for several reasons that cut across various facets of life. Sometimes, such reasons normally stem from the immense career successes one records in his or her chosen endeavor, and at other times, it has to do with getting married to an already famous person. We narrowed our description of what can make someone famous to career successes and marriage to put you in the right frame of thought as we begin the story of Beth Dillon.

She is an American woman who gained fame following her marriage to her second but now ex-husband Paul Teutul Sr. and for featuring on some episodes of the show American Chopper alongside her then-husband. In the paragraphs below, you will learn about Beth who has been through two different marriages that both ended in divorces, yet she lives her life far away from controversies.

Beth Dillon – Bio

On the 8th September 1957 in California the United States of America, Beth was born into a White American family. She is therefore of White American ethnicity and an American national. Growing up, she went by the name Beth Ann Santos until she got famous following her second marriage to the owner of Orange country Choppers, Paul Teutul Sr. in 2007.

With regards to her childhood life, family members; parents, siblings and relatives, Beth Dillion has not let anyone in on those. As it is, details of such are only known to her. In the absence of all these, however, Beth’s marital life and what became of it has given us ample facts to understand who she is and what her life story is.

Beth Ann’s marital journey first began with Burton Dillon. The duo got married on 30th August 1975 after which she began going by the name Beth Dillon. In the course of the next 15 years that followed they brought forth into the world two sons; Burton Dillon III, and Brent Dillon. However, by 1990, the once happy couple had their marriage terminated in a divorce. The reason for this divorce remains obscure to date.

Nevertheless, Beth Dillion went on with her life and possibly so did Burton. She got married for the second time to businessman and media personality Paul Teutul Sr. the founder of the company Orange County Choppers. The company manufactures custom motorcycles and going by the look and build of their finished product, it is obvious that Paul knows his onions in the field of custom motorcycle manufacturing.

He is the face of the television series American Chopper which features him and his Orange County Choppers crew where they design custom motorcycles in Orange County, New York. He began his business in the tail end of the 90s precisely in 1999 and by 2002, he had grown and done so well to venture into having a reality television show.

Before Beth, Paul got divorced from his first wife whom he had married in 1969 until 1995 when they went their separate ways. While they were married, they had 1 daughter Cristin Teutul, and 3 sons; Daniel Teutul, Michael Teutul, and Paul Teutul Jr.

When Paul then met Beth, everything seemed to have fallen back in place in his love life. They got married in 2007. In the course of their marriage, Beth made appearances in some episodes of her husband’s television show American Choppers. Nevertheless, the love that brought them together wasn’t one that would last till death do them part neither was it one that will be potent for a considerably long time. Just 5 years into this marriage, the duo separated in 2012 and by 2015, their marriage was formally severed in a divorce.

Net Worth

Multiple reports have it that Beth Dillon has a net worth estimated to be about $1 million while her now ex-husband who is still active with his business and TV show has a net worth of about $15 million.

Facts About Paul Teutul Sr.’s Ex-Wife 

One of the spectacular things about Beth and Paul’s marriage was the groom’s unique wedding outfit. He wore a customized sleeveless tuxedo while Beth adorned herself in a strapless white wedding gown.

On their wedding day, about 130 guests graced the occasion which was officiated and celebrated at their Montgomery, New York home.

Following her divorce from the reality television star, Beth Dillion has remained at a considerable safe distance from the prying eyes of the media. There are no recent reports about what she is up to.

In tandem with the above, Beth’s current absence on social media which ordinarily is a basic tool of engagement with fans by celebrities have further compounded all efforts geared towards catching up with her.

She used to have a Twitter account which she created in 2013 for posting pictures with her ex-husband but currently, she has jettisoned the account.

While her ex-husband got into a seemingly harmonious relationship with another woman, Beth has possibly remained single.