Beverly Archer Bio, Husband (Robert Bernard), Death, Family and Net Worth

Beverly Archer Bio, Husband (Robert Bernard), Death, Family and Net Worth

Anyone who watched the television sitcom Mama’s Family, which made its debut on the 22nd day of January in 1983 should know the beautiful American actress named Beverly Archer. She appeared as Iola Boylen in the Joe Hamilton produced series.

Beyond Mama’s Family, Archer is famous for other works like her portrayal of Gunnery Sgt. Alva Bricker on Major Dad. If you’ve always wanted to confirm the basic facts of her bio and learn a thing or two about her husband and family, here’s your treat!

Beverly Archer Biography

Sources have it that Beverly Archer was born on the 19th of July, 1948. Her place of birth was Oak Park in the state of Illinois, United States of America. The Actress has a good academic background with her time at UC Santa Barbara and San Francisco State University where she studied drama as her major. Prior to that, she went to the Alverno Heights High School located in Sierra Madre, California.

Young Beverly knew deep down in her heart that she was made to act so, she eagerly veered into commercials as a means of getting herself out there. She was also into theatre productions and did quite a handful before her break into acting. Someone whom she had met in theatre previously met up with her and informed her of the casting auditions for The Nancy Walker Show. Fortunately, she was picked and the star was so excited as her supposed small size was one of her selling points.

Her debut in the movie industry came with her role as Lorraine Kitteridge, the daughter of Nancy and Kenneth in the 1976 Norman Lear series. The series was shown on ABC for barely 3 months (September 30th through December 23rd). Next for the actress was her role as Judy Hibbard, the wife to Oliver Clark, a writer, in the 1977 sitcom titled We’ve Got Each Other.

Other movies that the actress featured in include The Brady Bunch Movie where she was a teacher caught for stealing. Also, she played the role of Miss Hardaway in the 1997 sitcom Married…with Children. In The Fall Guy which was done for ABC, Beverly made a guest appearance and also in a few episodes of Grace Under Fire and Family Ties amongst others. Aside from acting, Beverly also writes and she promptly showed off a few of her writing skills in some episodes of the series, ALF and Mama’s Family. With 36 movie credits to her name, Beverly is surely one actress for aspirants to emulate.

Beverly Archer Bio, Husband (Robert Bernard), Death, Family and Net Worth
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Although the star retired actively from the movie industry in 2002, she began to spend a lot of her time on memorable activities. This includes sculpting and some other form of arts and crafts. She also does quite a lot of traveling around the globe. Notable on her list of visited countries is Italy where she had a great feel of Florence.

Beverly Archer Net Worth

Knowing the number of films credited to this beautiful American actress and how successful they were, we can safely assume that she made a huge amount of money. We also like to imagine that since her retirement in 2012, she has engaged in one sort of business or the other. A lot of sources put her net worth at an estimate of $1 million but given that there are no official accounts of this, we will just state that Beverly’s net worth is unknown.

Beverly Archer’s Husband (Robert Bernard) and Family

Beverly Archer got married in 1976 to Robert Bernard. The loving couple is still alive and living happily together. There have been pictures of them having fun on several occasions and hangouts with friends.

We, however, have no details about their children, if any, and possibly grandchildren. Information about her parents, siblings, and other family members is also not readily available to the public.

Death Rumors

Beverly Archer was reported dead in 2012 and it was such sad news that all her fans were already mourning and reposting the death story. It was said that she died in her Santa Monica home in California on the 1st of October 2012. Well, don’t be too sad, it was just a hoax. Too often, celebrities and stars get involved in such pranks. As impractical as these jokes are, they continue to occur. Thankfully, Beverly came out and refuted all claims of her death. Apparently, she had never even lived in Santa Monica and to date is alive and healthy.

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