Here’s What We Know About Beyoncé And Jay Z’s Twins, Rumi and Sir 

Most celebrities try as much as possible to shield their children from the kind of media attention they themselves are exposed to. So it didn’t come as much of a surprise when the general public and press didn’t get a glimpse of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s twins (Rumi and Sir) until they were way past their first year. Despite several attempts of the paparazzi and speculations about what they look like, the parents refused to bulge and showed them to the world when they felt ready.

As they continue to grow, the music royalty continues to share glimpses into their lives. Here’s what we know about the twins so far:

Beyonce and Jay Z’s Twins, Rumi and Sir 

Before their births

Queen Bey first broke the news that she was pregnant with twins via her Instagram handle in February 2017. As expected, it broke the internet. Five months later, both Jay Z and Beyoncé’s father, Mathew, announced the birth of the twins via their social media handles. They were born on June 13, 2017, and the girl was named Rumi Carter, after their favorite poet, while the boy was named Sir Carter because he came out like a dignified gentleman.

Beyoncé later revealed that she had the twins via a C-section, as her health and that of her babies were at risk if she didn’t undergo the procedure.

They have a caring big sister

Proud mom Beyoncé in an interview revealed that the twins have a very excited and caring big sister, Blue Ivy, who dots and cares for them a lot. She revealed that their older sister was overjoyed at the arrival of the twins and loves them a lot, that there is no rancor between the siblings at all.

The first time the world saw Rumi and Sir

The paparazzi had gone to great lengths to get photos of the twins after birth with no success until the Carters officially released it to the public after they were a year old. Sure, the wait was worth the while.

The first sets of pictures released were from a family vacation to Europe and that was followed later on in the year with family vacation photos around Christmas.

Traits and Personalities

Many people believe that twins are one and the same individual, who are alike in all their persona and traits, but nothing could be further from the truth than that.

Beyoncé’s mother has given us an insight into the personality of Beyoncé and Jay Z’s twins and they are very unique and totally different – just like their parents. Rumi has more of the take-charge personality and seems to be the more lively of the two children, and her grandmother believes that Rumi will “Rule The World” – just as her mother sang about. Sir, on the other hand, is more of a laid back, chill and mellow boy – just like his father.

The world might be in for a pleasant surprise some years from now, to have another Jay Z and Beyonce “resurrect” in their children.

The Documentary debut – Making the Gift

Beyonce and Jay Z have tried to keep the lives of the twins as private as possible. But recently when Beyonce released a documentary titled Making the Gift, about the creation of The Lion King soundtrack, the whole world got to catch a glimpse of the adorable twins once again.

The documentary in some parts shows The Carters taking a trip to South Africa with their 3 children. Beyoncé was shown playing an “animals and their sounds” game with Rumi, who got her answers correct to the pure delight of her ecstatic mom.

Their names have been trademarked

One thing that is known about Jay and his wife is that apart from their good sense of music and the love they share in their super-private home, they have huge business acumen.

Because they know the names of their kids may soon be hijacked, they had the names (“Rumi Carter” and “Sir Carter”) trademarked in the United States. The name of their older sister, “Blue Ivy” was also trademarked after she was born.