Beyonce Diet and Measurements

Beyonce Diet and Measurements

Beyonce Knowles is a name known by anyone who loves music, particularly RnB. She was born Beyonce Giselle Knowles on September 4 1981 in Houston Texas and raised in the same area. She is one of the most popular American singers, songwriters, actresses, es, and models. Her fierce personality and blatant approach to life have made her extremely popular and successful.

Besides talent, Beyonce is one of the most beautiful celebrities on the planet. She has a gorgeous, sexy body. Even the birth of her 3-year old daughter has done nothing to her shape. Some would say that her shape has actually improved after carrying a pregnancy to term. This is unique because the physiological changes that come with pregnancy almost always interfere with body shape and size. Obviously, she must be doing a lot to maintain such an attractive shape and healthy weight.

Beyonce Diet: Does Beyonce Follow A Diet Plan?

It is common knowledge that poor weight management usually comes from unhealthy eating, lack of physical activity, certain psychological disorders, certain medical conditions as well as drug side effects. Aging is another important cause. For Beyoncé to maintain her weight, shape, and size; she has no option but to watch what she eats. She also has to watch her overall lifestyle because this too has a lot to do with weight management.

Available evidence indicates that Beyoncé actually follows a diet plan very strictly. Her bootylicious body shape cannot come by simply working out and avoiding certain kinds of foods. Although she would not admit doing it, she actually confessed that she used this particular diet plan to lose a whopping 20 pounds in just 10 days when she was preparing for the filming Dreamgirls.

Beyonce Diet and Measurements
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To be honest, I believe Beyoncé would not use a diet like the one she admitted once using if she was not paid too much for it. There is something about the diet that makes it effective or there is something more that she uses besides the diet. The diet endorsed by her is referred to as Maple Syrup Diet. It goes by other names including Lemon Cleansing Diet, the Lemonade Diet, or the Master Cleanse. The proprietors of the diet claim that it can be used safely for 3-10 days.

This is not a new diet as many people may believe. It was actually developed in the 1950s by a naturopath named Stanley Burroughs. It is actually effective as the cleansing reaction is usually seen in the first two days of use. The most notable and uncomfortable symptom of the cleansing reaction is diarrhea. To prepare the diet, you will need the following:

  • 1 cup of lemon juice
  • 3 quarts of clean water
  • 1 cup Pure Maple Syrup or molasses (not maple-flavored syrup)
  • 1 teaspoon of cayenne

Throw all these in a clean jug and shake it very well until it mixes homogeneously. You will be required to drink 8 to 12 glasses of the mixture each day for the recommended period. If you really want to flush your body and get in on the way to good health then you need to do additional things recommended by the proponents of the diet. You carry out further research on Maple Syrup Diet if you wish to achieve the same results are Beyoncé.

One thing you need to know about Beyoncé’s diet plan is that it has some side effects. These adverse effects include cravings, pains, body aches, fatigue, and mental irritability. Unfortunately, you must experience these because they are the symptoms of your body’s detoxification.

Beyonce Diet and Measurements
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Beyonce’s Body Measurements

This bootylicious angel is 34 years old now and you will confuse her for a girl in her late teens. This is because her body tells it all. She looks extremely sexy in her swimsuit or bikini outfits thanks to her measurements. She is tall measuring 5 feet 6 inches or 169 cm. she also has a healthy weight of 62 kg or 137 pounds. Her voluptuous build makes her irresistible to any normal man.

After a breast job (actually an implant) by her personal cosmetic doctor Anthony Youn, Beyoncé now wears a 34D bra size. She wears a size 8 (US) dress and size 8.5 (US) shoes. Other measurements include 35-26-39 in or 89-66-99 cm. These measurements give her a curvaceous figure which the desire of all women yet very few can actually boast of having. Her husband, Jay Z must be the luckiest man on earth. He has all that to himself.

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