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Beyoncé ought to be the leading hair chameleon. If you’ve been keen on following the pop diva closely, her countless transformations, may be zoned in a tad to her ever-changing, endless list of recycled hairdo, you must have noticed that the diva has since the last aught rocked so many hairstyles than we can’t keep up with the count.

Remember when she showed up at Grammy rocking in shimmering hair tinsel? Or when she cut her hair then posted pictures of her pixie cut on Instagram driving the entire world of fashion bonkers? Not to mention the day when she decided to give the action-packed brunette hair colour a whirl. And did she look spiffy.

Beyoncé Hairstyles

The list is endless. But here are 5 Queen Bey’s signature styles and beauty moments that attracted the highest number of imitators:

The Honey-blonde Stage Waves

This is the first style Beyoncé adopted after ditching the straightened look. Though she still kept the blonde color, she changed her signature style almost completely by blending in beach-y waves and honey highlights.

For those who can remember, this happened right about the time when she began using the Queen Bey moniker. And queen she was. She could fling the flowing strands as she stomped across stages, giving her that wild, indelible look her loyal fans mostly associate her with.

Kim Kimble, Bey’s stylist for a cool 15 years, admits that this is the most iconic and most coveted style to ever been seen on Queen Bey’s head. Using her words, the tousled, unperfected hair is her look.’ Or quite simply, that’s the picture that comes to everyone’s mind whenever the name Beyoncé pops up.

The Topknot

The topknot hit the new millennia with a bang. It was trending. Then Bey started sporting the look making it even more explosive.

Call it the Armageddon of ponytail. This style singlehandedly put an end to all the ponytails. For Beyoncé, it was a casual off-duty hairstyle; when she was off-stage, watching basketball, shopping or walking the streets of New York with her hubby Jay.

Beyonce’s Braids

Beyoncé has been on and off Braids ever since her days with a fledging Destiny’s Child. The only thing she’s been doing is making variation of the hairdo. From micro braids and cornrows, to thigh-length box braids and plain ones, Bey’s head has had it all. Remember her trip to Cuba for her wedding anniversary? Well, this is the style that most of her loyal fans would wish to see her revisit someday.

The Faux Pixie Cut

The day was August 8th, 2013 when Bey’s fans, critics, and fashion enthusiasts woke up to a Bey’s photo that almost sent Instagram to a crush. Everyone had something to say about Bey’s new look? What kind of Miley Cyrus’ Kool aid was she on?

The photo, which showed Bey Gazing into a glossy lit vanity, killer brows, hard-to-notice finger nails and the faux pixie haircut. There were all sorts of bickering comments and speculations about her hair. While some of her imitators couldn’t help but yelp at the sight of the new Bey.

Turns out, Bey was only taking everyone for a ride. It didn’t take longer than a week for the star to step out with a new hairdo, just to prove to the world how much of an experimenter she really is. And mind you, do you remember the number of pixies you saw only as 2013 was winding to a close? Well, if Bey had nothing to do with that, who else?

The Wavy Bob

The Wavy Bob was the next hair do for Bey after the pixie cut. And a good transition it was.

Within a matter of less than a week, Bey debuted the new look that the world would eventually dub the ‘Mom Bob’. That’s partly the reason the above-the-shoulder mom bob was all the rage as world was nearing towards the end of 2013, giving the pixie cut a run for its money.

Though the hairstyle soon ebbed dropping its name from ‘mom bob’ to ‘the wob’ or the ‘Wavy Bob’ as some people love to call it, celebrities such as J. Law, Emma Stone and Kerry Washington still rock it.

The Wet style

The ‘check On It’ music video showed Bey in nine different hairstyles, all done by Kimble.

Also spotted during her ‘Drunk in Love’ performance at the 2014 Grammys, the wet hairstyle stood out. It was just a matter of time before the internet would be swamped with all sorts of ‘wet hairstyle’ tutorials.

To further elaborate on how this hairstyle fits Beyoncé, she even wore the style on the cover of Vogue magazine–September 2015 issue.

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