Where Is The ‘Big Lebowski’ John Turturro Now And What Is He Doing?

John Turturro has achieved fame for his versatility as an actor because he has had performances in films that cut across the genres of drama and comedy. He is a multiple award-winning actor who has also lent his talents to the production and writing of films and recently, he took on the job of a director. In case you have been searching for an answer to the question, where is John Turturro? And craving to learn about his success in the film industry as well as wanting to know more about what he has been up to these days, keep reading.

His Hollywood Journey

On the 28th of February, 1957, this actor was given birth to in the borough of Brooklyn, New York to Katherine Incerella and Nicholas Turturro. The first time he appeared on the big screen it was in a 1980 film, Raging Bull, which was directed by Martin Scorsese where he played an uncredited role. The next time he had a role in front of a camera was four years after where he played another small role. In the four years that he had no roles in film or television, the actor worked in theatre productions and his work earned him an Obie award.

John Turturro has had performances in over fifty movies and he has been a part of over twenty television shows with The Bronx is Burning and The Night Of feature being his most notable performances in television and The Big Lebowski, Right Thing, Miller’s Crossing, Quiz Show and Jungle Fever as some of his most outstanding works in film. For all his works, John Turturro has been the recipient of a number of awards from different prestigious award bodies. He has also gotten nominated for awards from the Emmys and Golden Globes.

The career he began in 1980 is one he still has till date. This actor has appeared in many films but The Big Lebowski is one of his more successful ones. The film, which is an intriguing tale of a criminal family features Turturro, who plays the role of Jesus Quintana, a character that was written specifically for him. The Coen brothers, who are the writers of the film, had seen him in a play and decided that they wanted him to be a part of the film, giving him the license to craft his character in any way that he liked. This film went on to become a huge success commercially and critically in addition to also being loved by fans. This resulted in it having a cult following.

Where Is John Turturro, ‘The Big Lebowski’ Actor Now And What Is He Doing?

John Turturro’s work as a screenwriter and actor is not all he does in the film and television industry. The actor who lives in Brooklyn, New York is part of the NYICFF which is short for the New York International Children’s Film Festival. The goal of this festival is to screen films that are known for their Oscar worthiness for children that are between the ages of 3 to 18. The festival has been in existence since 1997 and it was created by Eric Beckman and Emily Shapiro. John Turturro is one of the jury members who decide what films get to be screened at the yearly week-long festival.

When The Big Lebowski was made, the Coen brothers decided that a sequel of the film will never be made. But John Turturro has always stated how he would like to play Jesus Quintana again. The actor was able to find a way to get the Coen brothers on his side and this he did by getting their permission to write a film based on the character. The film, which will be released in October of 2019 will be called The Jesus Rolls and he will play the titular character and will also direct it. The film was written as a remake of a 1974 French film, Going Places, while incorporating elements of the first film that featured the character, making it a spinoff and a remake.

Turturro was recently cast in the television show, The Name of the Rose and he is also expected to voice the character of Goat in the upcoming Netflix show Green Eggs and Ham. The True Adventures of Wolfboy and The Jesus Rolls are his latest film projects. He continues to be a part of the film industry in the many ways he continues to contribute to it with his acting, screenwriting and directing.