Blake Gray Biography, Family Life and Other Things You Need To Know

Blake Gray Biography, Family Life and Other Things You Need To Know

Blake Gray is an American popular internet personality who has gained incredible followership on Instagram,, and YouNow.

The young social media star is a part of the Impact MeetandGreet.Me touring group and has also appeared on DigiTour Slaybells 2015. Gray’s journey to fame began when he started broadcasting on his YouNow account. He shares videos and pictures and with his boyish looks and good-humored personality, he earned millions of fans.

Blake Gray Biography

Blake Gray was born on January 9, 2001, in Cypress, Texas. Raised by his parents, Gray grew up developing an interest in a number of sports he loves including basketball, baseball, and football. He has an older brother named Austin Gray whom he adores and respects and considers his mother as his hero.

Growing up like every normal teenager, Blake had his fair share of peer pressure. He had been a victim of bullying in his childhood, but his tall physique and gallant nature have also helped him in earning his fair share of respect and overcoming his past.

Judging from how popular Gray is, he had a sheer interest in pursuing a career as a media personality from a very early age. Thus, he started working hard early in life to achieve that goal.

Family Life

Gray gives credit to his mother, and brother for all his achievements. His parents’ names and occupations aren’t yet known. He didn’t grow up far from home and is quite attached to his family and friends. Despite his popularity, there are no details about Gray’s family background. He often goes on frequent tours just to reach out to his fans.

Other Things You Need To Know about Blake Gray

Blake Gray first initiated his profession as a social media celebrity with a YouNow account where he started a broadcast in January 2015. Now, he is known as a famous star (a video social networking app) with more than 3.2 million followers.

He has a total of 3.1 million followers on Instagram and counting, as well as 908k followers on Twitter. Besides the aforementioned two social media, Gray also has a YouTube which he launched in 2015.

The internet star has joined the list of one of the most followed young celebrities in the US with his status as an Instagram Star, YouNow sensation, star and web personality. He expressed his wish to feature in the next Twilight movie in one of his recent tweets.

Gray has been in Meet&Greet.Me events with close friends and fellow social media personalities, Hunter Rowland, Brandon Rowland, and Corbyn Besson along with his membership on the Magcon Tour.

Typical of some people, Gray’s favorite snack food would either be pizza rolls or salt and vinegar chips.

As for his relationship status, Gray is single. He had a girlfriend, Baby Ariel. The two began their relationship in late 2016 but after 8 months, precisely in July 2017, both of them decided to end it amicably.

Gray shared the news with their fans on Twitter and he said he’s not the same person he was before starting a relationship with Ariel. According to him, it’s time for self-discovery and added that being social media celebrity is not the same as in reality.

Around September 2017, Gray let fans in on his health situation. The social media influencer shared a picture of himself lying on a hospital bed and explained in the caption of the photo that a doctor found something in his chest and he needed surgery as soon as possible to remove it.

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As young as he is, the social media star began a contest, called ‘Enter for a Chance to Win a Date with Gray,’ which ended on April 5th. He said it was his own way of giving back to fans to show his appreciation. “I would take everyone on a date if I could,” he had said.

His ideal date includes taking a walk, finding the perfect spot to view the sunset, and setting up a picnic full of your favorite food.

Gray’s best quality is always being in a positive mood, and up for an adventure.

Young Blake Gray said his dream is to become a well-known model with his pictures splashed around the world. He has attributed his success so far to fans.

Quick Facts

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: North American

Birth sign: Capricorn

Height: 5ft 9in

Bodyweight: 65kg

Hair color: brownish blond

Eye color: green

Sexuality: Straight.