Blake Lively’s Daughters Husband And Sisters

Since she got married our eyes have been on this A-lister and her hunk of a husband, so it’s such a delight to be looking at the the way their family has evolved over the years. Today, it’s all about her clan, we are talking, Blake Lively’s daughters, her husband and her sisters. Sit tight as we delve into the topic.

Blake Lively’s Daughters

Since they became a couple, they have been giving us doses of cuteness in more ways than one. Have you seen a picture of the couple? They have been providing #goals for us since their days on set together, now they have found a way to double the cuteness overload.

They have been steadily spreading baby fever since 2014 when they had their first daughter, now let’s meet the two cuties that have not only lit up their parent’s world, but ours too.

Blake Lively’s Daughters; James Reynolds

Yes, she is a girl with a boy’s name, Blake thought it would have a nice ring to it since she also has a boy’s name. Little James Reynolds was born on 16 December 2014 and at the age of two, she is already the spitting image of her momma bear when she was around the same age too. 

The resemblance is so uncanny, but here is some even more interesting news about the star to be; she made her first public appearance last year, alongside her parents at her dad’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony. James looked as stylish as ever, but wast did we expect? Her mom is Blake Lively and her dad is Ryan Reynolds.

She slayed in her custom Coach bomber jacket, blue gingham shirt, goldenrod dress, and cute little Converse sneakers. Not only did she steal the show, she seized the microphone from her dad too. Everyone hopes to see more of the little cutie, who knows, maybe she will end up taking a leaf out of her parent’s book.

Blake Lively’s Daughters; Ines Reynolds

No one knew her name for quite sometime, the little cutie was born on 30 September 2016, but she was introduced to the world as Ines, two months after her birth, at her Daddy’s Hollywood Walk of fame ceremony. So while her big sister was getting her Hollywood debut, little Ines was first known by her name at the ceremony.

What a special occasion it must have been for the family of four, it was refreshing to see them all considering the fact that the couple is very private about sharing photos of their children.

Blake Lively’s Husband

There is no doubt that you already know who he is, not only is he Blake’s husband, but he has paid his dues and is quite famous in his own right. He was born Ryan Rodney Reynolds on October 23, 1976 and he is an accomplished Canadian actor and producer. His career launched out in 1991, when he appeared in the Canadian soap opera, Hillside.

Then in 1996, he got some more action when he starred alongside Melissa Joan Hart in Sabrina The Teenage Witch. Since then, his career catapulted and it was one appearance after the other. Marvel has really given the actor a boost, with him appearing in movies like The Blade TrinityX-Men Origins: Wolverine and The Green Lantern.

Despite all this we are pretty sure that one of the actor’s greatest feats was landing his wife. When they both met in 2010, Ryan was still married to Scarlett Johansson while Blake was still with her on and off boyfriend, Penn Badgley, but before they year ran out they had already terminated their former relationships.

It wasn’t until November 2011 that dating rumors started flying around and for good reason too, Blake was spotted leaving his apartment during his birthday weekend very early in the morning… walk of shame style. By December that year, Blake had already met the parents, it was all hearts and cuddles.

The next year in July, Ryan met Blake’s folks, at that point it was evident that things were becoming a little more serious. Then by September that year, they made it official out of the blues, they tied the knot. It was evidently a fit made in heaven as the two are still showing us what love looks like.

Blake Lively’s Sisters

The star has two sisters who also happen to be in showbiz, their names are Lori and Robyn Lively. Lori was born on 9 November 1966 while her sister Robyn came some years later on February 7, 1972. Both of them are actresses, so it is so clear now where Blake got her inspiration from.

Yesterday, just one day before Valentine’s, Lively took to Instagram to profess her love for the women in her life. a couple of adorable Polaroids of her and her sister, Robyn Lively. The caption read, ‘ Feb 13: Tonight’s the night. Grab your best gal. I love my man. But on this valentines, I celebrate women. Time to party…’

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