Bo Burnham Wife, Girlfriend, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Is He Gay?

Bo Burnham Wife, Girlfriend, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Is He Gay?

Bo Burnham is in one pack an American comedian, actor, director, screenwriter, singer, songwriter, rapper, poet, and YouTuber who gained fame in 2006 when he uploaded two of his songs on the video website.

Just how much do you know him personally outside of his successful multi-faceted career? Perhaps not much that you would have been satisfied with. Therefore, we will be looking at giving answers to some of those unknown yet salient questions often asked about him like who is his wife, girlfriend, or is he gay? You will also find out here, what his height and weight are in addition to at what point he tips on the financial scale.

Who Is Bo Burnham?

Bo was born and named Robert Pickering Burnham on August 21, 1990, in Hamilton, Massachusetts as the youngest of three children born to Scott Burnham; his father who was a construction company owner, and his mother, Patricia, a nurse at Burnham’s school.

He was enrolled at St. John’s Preparatory School just like his siblings from where he graduated in 2008 and was on the honor roll of the school, he was actively involved in theatre and the campus ministry program. He got admitted to study Experimental Theatre in New York University’s Tisch School of the Art. However, he felt he wanted to do something else with that time and instead, deferred his college admission for one year to pursue his comedy interest. An account of his educational background has it that he attended Suffolk Law School and graduated also from Cornell University.


Bo Burnham launched his career rather casually when he uploaded two videos of his song to share with his family and friends on YouTube. The songs found themselves on where they instantly became an overnight hit with many people coming to see and listen to them.

With his newfound fame, he continued to make and upload musical-comedy videos of himself, targeting such subjects as race, gender, human sexuality, sex, and religion. He released his debut album titled Bo Fo Sho in 2008 and it was followed by his second album Words Words Words in 2010 released with the record label Comedy Central.

The success of these two albums gave him even more fame as he began performing in more live shows in different cities.

Bo Burnham Wife, Girlfriend, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Is He Gay?
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Other than his music, he has starred in various movies which include American Virgin, Funny People, Parks and Recreation, Rough Night, and a couple of others.

The awards he has gotten so far include the Edinburgh Comedy Awards’ panel prize award and the Malcolm Hardee Award. Still young and good at what he does, we should probably see more awards come his way.

 Family: Wife, Girlfriend, Is He Gay?

Bo Burnham does not have any family of his own yet, he is still unmarried and single without any rumors of dating anyone at the moment though he is reported to have been in a relationship in the past that lasted for up to five years. He has not revealed any information on this personally though.

Though he is not known to be dating any physical girl, for now, Bo is known to be in love with his Snapchat-drawn girlfriend who he sleeps with, eats, and hangs out with her. The self-created virtual girlfriend of this multi-talented celebrity is often drawn showing yellow hair which probably depicts the blonde hair color, a pink body with a set of well-rounded blue eyes, and red lips. He often clothes her in a black bra when sleeping with her and a green gown when she has to accompany him outdoors.

Burnham is not gay as well but because he often makes music that relates a lot to human sexuality, he often gets to be fingered as being gay. He once had a clash with gay protesters and some pressure groups at Westminster College where he was set to perform. This is the only known instance where his career has had a gay controversy associated with it.

Height, Weight

Bo Burnham stands tall at 6 feet 5 inches with a bodyweight of an unknown value. He has not revealed what his body statistics are.

Bo Burnham Net Worth

With a net worth of 3.5 million, Bo is certainly rich and one of the celebrities that emerged from YouTube.