Bob Seger Spouse (Wife), Age, Net Worth, Biography

There is one musician whose lyrics greatly inspired working-class Americans of the 70s and 80s in the Heartland. For those born after that era, the name Bob Seger will not sound familiar obviously, but it is to him that honor is given as he gladdened the hearts of many with his raspy voice and musical notes. Find out below more about the singer who also writes his own songs, plays guitar and the piano.

Bob Seger’s Biography, Age

Bob Seger (full name – Robert Clark Seger) was born on the 6th of May, 1945 in Detroit Michigan to Charlotte Seger and Stewart Seger. He has an elder brother named George Seger with whom he grew up. Their family moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan when he was about 5 years old. Growing up was pretty tough for him as his parents constantly fought each other, this ultimately resulted in his father abandoning him and his brother with their mom to move to California when he was about 10. And so life became even worse for the young Bob, as they struggled financially.

He schooled at Tappan Junior High School (now Tappan Middle School), Lincoln Park High School briefly before finishing off at Ann Arbor High School (now Pioneer High School) in 1963.

Prior to his graduation from high school, Bob Seger began developing his talent for music and found his first band in the year 1961, the band was called the Decibels. He began the band with his best friends; Pete Stanger (played guitar) and H.B. Hunter (played drums) while he played keyboards, guitar, and sang. The band recorded one song titled The Lonely One. It aired on the radio once before they got disbanded.

Following this, he joined another band called Town Criers which had as its members John Flis (bass), Pep Perrine (drums), and Larry Mason (guitar) while Bob, as usual, sang. In the course of time, he teamed up with another band headed by Doug Brown which was called The Omens. This new band had a bigger following than his previous one and Bob enjoyed even more musical success in this new band.

He left The Omens to form his own band called The Last Heard with Pep Perrine, Carl Lagassa and Dan Honaker; his former bandmates. They released singles like East Side Story (1966) and Heavy Music (1967) which both became top-charting singles. By 1968, they signed with Capitol Records which saw to their changing the name of the band to ‘The Bob Seger System.’ Subsequently, the album Ramblin Gamblin Man (1969), came from them and peaked at No. 62 on the Billboard pop albums chart. The System didn’t do better than this with any other album.

In 1970, Bob Seger explored the solo side of his musical prowess following the dissipating of The Bob Seger System. He released his debut solo single Brand New Morning in 1971 which was a flop.

The once-successful musician then struggled for much of the time to revive his career by forming another band called ‘The Silver Bullet Band’ in 1974. This new band had as its members Drew Abbott (guitarist), Charlie Allen Martin (drummer and backing vocalist ), Rick Manasa (keyboardist and backing vocalist ), Chris Campbell (bass guitarist), and Alto Reed (saxophonist and backing vocalist).

The 1974 hit album Seven came from them much to the delight of then-struggling musician Bob Seger. He returned to The Silver Bullet Band and recorded Beautiful Loser in 1975 which was another masterpiece. His major break in the music industry came with the 1976 album Night Moves, Stranger in Town followed in 1978, Against the Wind (1980), The Distance (1982), and ‘Like a Rock’ (1986). He went on a musical hiatus in the 90s but made a comeback with Face the Promise in 2006. Since his return, Bob Seger has made a couple of epoch stage performances at various times.

Net Worth

The Michigan-born musician has certainly come a long way to be where he is today, though tales of his musical exploits might sound as Latin and greek to the younger generation except for those of them who enjoy songs that are from yesteryears.

For all his hard work, creative instincts, and knack for a good melody, Bob Seger amassed a net worth of $45 million which came mainly from the success of his musical career. Though old, he is not yet retired from the music stage as he has in the last couple of years delighted his audience with some spectacular stage performances.

Who is His Spouse (Wife)?

Bob Seger has been married three times, two of which ended in divorces. His first marriage was with Renee Andrietti in the year 1968 but sadly, the union lasted all but one day shy of being one year. He then got into a relationship with Jan Dinsdale which lasted for 11 years from 1972 to 1983. By 1987, he fell in love with Annette Sinclair whom he walked down the aisle with, without hesitation, but, just like his first marriage, the second lasted barely a year.

Following his second divorce, Bob probably went on a relationship hiatus until he found the “bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh” in Juanita Dorricott. He married her in the year 1993 in a private wedding ceremony that was held at The Village Club, in Bloomfield Hills. The two have remained married since then and are parents to Christopher Cole (son) and Samantha Char Seger (daughter).