Boxxy (Catherine Wayne) – Bio, What Happened To Her, Where Is She?

Boxxy is a celebrated persona created by Catherine Wayne – a YouTuber and comedian who created hilarious and entertaining videos which she shared via her channel. She became famous because of the creativity and insight that goes into making her videos and they were so much fun that millions of people flocked in to watch and share in the merriment. While she didn’t originally set out to become famous, the popularity of her channel soon made her a veritable internet celebrity. Her vlogs were being shared to other platforms and forums and she was receiving lots of comments from people who wanted to engage with her and what she was doing.

Since she began her first channel, Boxxy has gone on to create several others. She has also conquered other digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where she has garnered close to a million followers. The humorous vlogger has expanded her brand to include voice acting and has built an impressive career despite her young age. Boxxy has weathered her fair share of storms – from dangerous threats to being stalked by fans and having her privacy violated on numerous occasions. However, she has stood strong and built a reputation for herself as one of the most talented and artistic vloggers to make it on YouTube.

Boxxy (Catherine Wayne)’s  Bio

The beloved social media personality was born and named Catherine Wayne on April 28th, 1992. She spent most of her early years in California. There is no mention of who her parents are or what schools she attended anywhere. It also not known whether she has any siblings. However, she has mentioned that she majored in Arts and Drama, although she did not disclose what college she bagged her degree from.

Boxxy’s rise to fame was purely accidental. It began in January 2008, when she uploaded two videos to a personal YouTube channel called boxxybabee, which was meant for her friends from Gaia Online, an anime social networking forum. Later in the year, the videos began receiving a lot of attention after they were reposted to a forum called where it was viewed thousands of times and reposted over and over until they found their way to another popular site known as 4chan.

A lot of people were taken with the character that she had created. In her videos, Catherine had put on a lot of makeup to give her a dark and gothic look. Her Boxxy personality was excitedly agitated, brimming with energy and charm that proved to be infectious. She began gaining followers by the hundreds, all of whom were attracted to her character and really appreciated the effort, creativity, and passion that she displayed in her videos. Within a very short time, Catherine had become a viral sensation and all her social media pages were blowing up with messages, followers, and engagements.

She took advantage of her popularity by launching a merchandise line which she sold on eBay. In addition, she started a new channel on YouTube titled ANewHopeee, which she operated as Catherine, sharing makeup tips, beauty tutorial, comedy skits, and lifestyle vlogs. Although the channel became quite successful, it was unable to match the popularity and reach of her Boxxy one.

Away from the chaos and frenzy of being a YouTube star, Boxxy has been able to find work that combines her various talents and interests. In 2013, she worked as a host for the Discovery Digital Networks on their series, Animalist. A few years later, she landed a job with Disney, voicing the character Marsha on the animated series Billy Dilley’s Super-Duper Subterranean Summer.

What Happened To Her?

Although her videos helped launch Boxxy to stardom, they also brought a lot of hate and trouble her way. She received tons of negative comments regarding her character, leading to extreme displays of bullying and antagonism towards the YouTuber. Many people tried to defame and malign her, starting campaigns aimed at smearing her name and bringing her down.

She became the subject of flame wars and denial-of-service attacks, her channel was hacked on several occasions, and rumors were circulated, claiming she was a drug user and a mentally ill person. The most terrifying attack on Boxxy was the leaking of her personal details online which caused a mob to gather outside her house to protest. This incident proved to be the last straw as Catherine subsequently stopped uploading new content as Boxxy in order to put an end to the harassment.

Where Is Boxxy Now?

Catherine Wayne may have taken a step back from uploading new content on her platforms, but she is still living a full life away from the glare of the internet. She has been focused on leading a normal life and being her own person. She has also continued to find work as a voice actress. Her latest project was in 2018 when she voiced some characters in an indie role-playing game called BoxxyQuest: The Gathering of the Storm. Aside from her vocal performance, Catherine also helped conceptualize the game, which is a satirical exploration of internet culture.

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