Brandon Bowen – Bio, Age, Net Worth, Facts About The Instagram Star

Anyone who spent a reasonable amount of time on Vine must surely have across the name Brandon Bowen. The American social media personality gained fame on the internet through the now extinct video sharing platform, where he frequently uploaded hilarious and ridiculous content that made his followers go berserk, creating widespread ripples across other social media platforms.

He used his account to help make the underdogs and less popular members of society feel less disillusioned with the world around by making them laugh their worries away if only for a brief moment. Brandon was loved because his videos were not just funny for the sake of being comedic, he was also using them to address important issues like cyberbullying.

By the time Vine was shut down, Brandon had already accumulated over 3 million followers on his account. Some of his most watched videos include Young Donald Trump meets his new neighbors, Donald Trump reaching out to the teenagers, and Help. Racking up millions of views in a short span of time is nothing new to the Vine Star. He has received a number of honors and recognition for his creativity and artistry. In 2015, he was awarded the Best Viner title at the Shorty Award.

Brandon Bowen’s Bio (Age)

The social media sensation was born in Ocilla, Georgia where he was raised by his parents but there is a dearth of information regarding his childhood and upbringing. Brandon Bowen began nursing dreams of building a career in the vibrant world of entertainment when he was still very young. He hoped to one day parlay that career into establishing himself as a professional gamer.

Brandon began his rise to fame in June 2013 when he set up a Vine account and uploaded his first video. His wry humor found favor amongst audiences on the platform and beyond. He continued uploading more of his funny sketches and his subscriber count kept growing as a result. While most people stumbled into using Vine, he actually set out to use the platform to counteract bullying because he knew how terrible the phenomenon was having experienced it himself. Brandon believes that allowing hate to fester only results in more hate so he decided to use his videos to block out the haters by being authentically and wholly himself.

The professional fatty as he describes himself quickly became one of the most popular Viners and kept cracking people up until the platform folded up. He has since taken his special gifts to YouTube and continues sharing his short hilarious sketches via his channel which has amassed more than 133,000 subscribers. Brandon Bowen keeps switching up his content so that there is a little something for everyone to enjoy.

Some of his most popular YouTube videos include I call shotgun, Eric the drunken weatherman, and Clown sightings. He is also very well-known and liked on other social media networks such as Twitter and Instagram. If he keeps going at his current rate, Brandon is bound to achieve mainstream success in the entertainment industry someday in the future.

His Net Worth

Brandon Bowen is a certified social media personality and he has the followership and subscriber count to back it up. He earns a substantial sum of money from his YouTube channel but the figure varies depending on how many views he collects on his videos. He also makes some money from collaborations, sponsorship deals, ads, and other gigs that he does on the sound. His estimated net worth is still under review and has not been disclosed as of this writing.

Facts About The Instagram Star, Brandon Bowen

1. The Vine star is a heavyset young man and he has suffered at the hands of bullies who get off on making him feel bad about his weight. However, he has mostly overcome shame and inferiority and wears his body proudly now.

2. Brandon is 5 feet 5 inches tall with blonde hair and green eyes.

3. He was one of only a handful of Viners who managed to gain more than 1 million followers in the space of one year. That should give you an idea of how funny the young man is.

4. His mother is one of his closest friends and he features her in his videos now and again.

5. Brandon Bowen has appeared in a movie. He starred alongside his fellow Vine Star, in the 2016 movie, Mono, It was a teen comedy film produced by Fox Digital Studio.

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