Brendan Cole Biography, Wife, Age, Height, What Is He Doing Now?

Brendan Cole Biography, Wife, Age, Height, What Is He Doing Now?

Dance is one of the ways people have expressed themselves over the ages, this phenomenon is expressed in diverse forms that are peculiar to cultures across the world. One of the most popular forms of dancing in the world is ballroom dancing, which in turn has various classifications such as the Waltz, Tango, Salsa, Rumba, Cha-Cha, and Swing. To be a master in any of these dances, one must spend years practicing. Brendan Cole is one of such masters; he has been dancing professionally for over a decade. Keep reading to learn more about this New Zealand dancer.

Brendan Cole Biography (Age)

Brendan Cole was born in the largest city in New Zealand, Christchurch, and on the 23rd of April 1976 to Eddie Cole and Karen Cole, whose marriage fell apart when Brendon was just seven. Brendan’s mother worked four jobs to care for him and his siblings while his father had a long battle with cancer which he sadly lost in 2010.

Cole has two siblings; a brother, Scott, and a sister Vanessa who also happens to be a dancer.

Brendon Cole started dancing at the age of six, when he was eighteen, he moved to the U.K. to study dancing. While in the United Kingdom, he learned ballroom dancing, ballet, and pasodoble in different cities in the country.

In 1996, before Brendan Cole became a professional dancer, he was part of the BBC show Come Dancing where he danced with the Danish author and dancer, Camilla Dallerup. By the year 2002, he had become a professional dancer and was still a part of the show.

The biggest break in his dancing career occurred when he was selected to join another BBC show on dancing, Strictly Come Dancing. The show worked by pairing professional dancers with celebrities and they would perform by the end of the week for the duration of the season, with a couple leaving if they had the lowest scores.

Cole has been a part of the show since its inception in 2003, where he won the debut season. But then, his contract was not renewed in 2018; inadvertently, his time on the show had come to an end. The producers’ decision to kick him off the show can be attributed to the numerous outbursts he is known for having along with his short temper, the behavior which earned him the nickname, the bad boy of ballroom dancing.

Before his time on Strictly Come Dancing, Cole worked on the New Zealand form of the show which was called Dancing with the Stars as a judge. He was on the show for four years.

His stint on TV has not only been on dance shows; he was one of the contestants of the second series of the show Celebrity Love Island and was a visiting judge on Britain’s Next Top Model where he taught the contestants’ ballroom dancing. Cole was also a guest on the show What Do Kids Know?

Brendan Cole Biography, Wife, Age, Height, What Is He Doing Now?
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His Wife

Zoe Hobbs, a British model met Cole at a party in 2006; they dated for four years and got married in 2010. The couple has two children – Aurelia (daughter) and Dante her brother. They have managed to remain together amid rumors of divorce which can be attributed to the lifestyle Brendan leads.

Before marrying his current wife, Brendan Cole had had his fair share of relationships. He got engaged to his dance partner Camilla Dallerup whom he dated for eight years, the two broke up after Cole met Natasha Kaplinsky his first partner on Strictly Come Dancing. Their relationship ended after the first season of the show.

Brendan Cole Height

As a dancer, it is required you have a certain physique that is not inclusive of height, but being tall is a great advantage. Brendan Cole stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches.

What Is He Doing Now?

After Cole left Strictly Come Dancing, he decided to spend time with his family, stay out of the public’s eye, and take time to care for his son who was born in the same year he was butted out of the show. He has however been employed by the magazine Hello! as a columnist, his column would be on the show, Strictly Come Dancing.

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