Brian Sella – Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Who Is The Girlfriend or Wife?

Brian Sella – Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Who Is The Girlfriend or Wife?

Brian Sella is an American singer and songwriter who is best known for being the lead vocalist, lyricist, and guitarist of the popular indie rock band, The Front Bottoms. Since he founded the band with his best friend, Mathew Uychich who plays drums for the group, he has built what started out as just another pastime into a veritable musical act with several successful projects to its name. The band has established a wide following and their fan base continues to expand every day. They have gone on a number of incredible tours by themselves and with several other leading bands over the years. Brian’s music is full of introspection, abundant cheer, and is induced with a healthy dose of the mundanities of daily life which many people can relate to.

The band is beloved for their catchy tunes which are easy to identify with and vibe along to. With over a decade of experience spent writing, recording, and performing songs, The Front Bottoms have emerged from behind the curtains of the underground to take their place on the mainstream stage. Without a doubt, they have so many more wonderful years ahead to keep making magic.

Brian Sella Bio (Age)

The New Jersey native was born on June 3, 1988. He grew up listening to all kinds of music and nurturing the desire to make some of his own, so in 2006, he founded The Front Bottoms. The band’s name came from a movie that Brian Saw called Sexy Beast where one of the characters, played by Ben Kingsley uses the term. Brian thought it was funny so he decided to adopt it as a band name.

After Brian Sella completed his freshman year at college, he began playing and recording music with the band’s only other member, his childhood best friend, Matthew Uychich. They were later joined by Matthew’s brother, Brian Uychich who played keyboard and served as a backing vocalist. Together they self-released two albums titled I Hate My Friends and My Grandma vs Pneumonia, as well as an EP titled Brothers Can’t Be Friends. The band began playing in the New Jersey area and its environs, joining an artist collective called Tiny Grant.

In 2010, Brian and the band began penning the lyrics of what became their eponymous album, The Front Bottoms. In the meantime, they released the Slow Dance to Soft Rock EP. They then released a video for their song Maps, which helped to spread awareness and win new fans to their corner. The exposure this brought led to them being signed by Bar/None Records who released their first studio album. Later that year, Brian Uychich left the group in order to focus on his studies.

The Front Bottoms didn’t let the exit of a key member keep them down for too long. They enlisted Drew Villafuerte, who plays bass and keyboards, to replace him during tours. Drew left the band in 2012 to be replaced by Ciaran O’Donnell and Tom Warren. Their second studio album was released in May 2013, titled Talon of the Hawk. In June 2015, The Front Bottoms signed with the music label Fueled By Rame under which they released their third studio album titled Back on Top a few months later.

Brian Sella – Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Who Is The Girlfriend or Wife?
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The album achieved critical and commercial success, allowing the band to go on even bigger tours with musical acts like Frank Turner and Blink 182. They released Going Grey, their fourth studio album in 2017. The project was inspired by Brian Sella’s close shaves with death. Their most recent project is EPs titled Ann and Devinyl Splits No. 12, which were released in 2018 and 2019.

Brian Sella Net Worth

The pop singer has made a career for himself as part of the band The Front Bottoms and he has earned a considerable wealth while doing so. Brian Sella is estimated to be worth about $2 million, most of which has come from the record and ticket sales, as well as sales of merchandise.

Who is The Girlfriend or Wife?

Brian Sella is a very sweet and charming guy who probably gets loads of attention from his female fans, but unfortunately for them, he can’t do anything about that as he is in a committed relationship. Brian has been dating his girlfriend for a long time and he regularly mentions her in interviews, but he hasn’t disclosed her name except to say that she works for an organization called Physicians for Reproductive Health. However, some people have reported that the mystery woman’s name is Dani. Whether this is true or not is yet to be confirmed.

Brian Sella’s Height

Brian has impressive looks and physical features. He appears to be quite tall, but his exact height is not known at this time. Some fans have stated that he is probably 6 feet 1 inch tall.