Brigitte Macron, Emmanuel Macron’s Wife – Bio, Age, Siblings, Parents, Family

Emmanuel Macron’s rise to the summit of politics as the President of France sparked several debates across the world for different reasons. There were those who focused on his age, as he became the youngest President in his country’s history when he was sworn in. Others focused on his professional history as a former Rothschild & Cie employee and his commitment to creating an economy that favored the poor. Others, however, focused on his wife, Brigitte Macron, who is a staggering 24 years older than the French president and was his high school teacher.

Their relationship sparked a highly contentious debate about the moral state of their relationship. It, however, did not matter as her relationship with Emmanuel has blossomed to the highest office of French land. For many who were interested in debate and the identity of the high school teacher who fell in love with her student, read below to learn more about the French first lady.

Brigitte Macron’s Bio, Age

She was born Brigitte Marie-Claude Trogneux-Macron to Simone and Jean Trogneux on the 13th of April 1953. Although she spent most of the days of her professional career as a school teacher, she did not by no means, come from a poor family. Her family, the Trogneuxs are proud owners of a Chocolate confectionaries making company called Jean Trogneux. Like the company, Brigitte was born in Amiens as the youngest of six children.

Not much is known about her education, other than the fact she grew up to become an educator herself, perhaps as a result of her experience while she was in school.

She began her career as a school teacher at Collège Lucie-Berger in the city of Strasbourg in the 80s. She taught at the school for a few years before she moved to Lycee la Providence, a Jesuit high school back at her hometown in Amiens in the 90s where she would meet student and future president, Emmanuel Macron. While she was at Lycèe la Providence, she taught Literature and was the head of the theatre department.

Before her life was consumed by her relationship with her husband and public status, she had her first attempt at politics in 1989 when she ran for city council of Truchtersheim. She did, however, lose the race. After that loss, she went back to a quiet life as a private citizen until the star of Emmanuel Macron shone too bright to keep her hidden away from public life.

Family – Parents, Siblings

Brigitte’s parents are Simone Pujol and Jean Trogneux. She has lost both parents. Her father died in 1994 and her mother died four years later in 1998.

She is the youngest of six children born to their parents. She did, however, lose one of her older siblings when she was a teenager in 1961 to a car accident that claimed the lives of her sister and her family (husband and daughter).

Husband – Emmanuel Macron

The story of what is many places is considered forbidden love made Brigitte Macron an unofficial first lady of the country of France. Like a scene out of a movie, she walked into her literature class one day and in the group of students sitting in front of her, was her future husband. When they met, Emmanuel was 15 at the time and the two formed a bond that has lasted years.

According to Brigitte, Emmanuel Macron’s intelligence endeared him to her which allowed the growth of a relationship between the two. When Emmanuel was 17, he proclaimed to Brigitte that he could marry her someday. It was a solemn promise that was made out of love and in total understanding of the fact she was married at the time and their relationship was a clandestine affair.

If Helen of Troy was the face that launched a thousand ships, her relationship with Emmanuel Macron was the relationship that dispelled a thousand friends. She lost all her friends as a result of her relationship with Emmanuel but none of it would matter because 10 years after the promise was made, Brigitte married Macron in October 2007.

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Since then, the couple has built a life together, including becoming the first citizens of France.

Before Macron, she was married to André-Louis Auziere. The marriage began in 1974, produced three children – Sebastian Auziere, Laurence Auziere-Jourdan, and TiphainieAuziere, all of whom are successful in their respective fields. She divorced Andre in 2006 before she sealed her long decade-long romance with Emmanuel in 2007.

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