Brooke Vincent – Biography, Partner – Kean Bryan, and Family Life

Without a doubt, when it comes to popular television, the bulk of television shows that make the list are Hollywood projects; from to to This is Us, the television market is dominated by Hollywood, which is understandable as it is the richest and most influential film industry on the planet. However, Britain, a sister country to America is also home to some of the most popular shows in the world which include Downtown Abbey, Peaky Blinders, Coronation Street, etc. English television may not have the numbers to match Hollywood but it can speak of a few popular shows itself which are driven by an array of talented actors and actresses, such as Brooke Vincent, who is of the most popular actress on one of English television’s successful projects, Coronation Street. Learn more about her below.

Brooke Vincent’s Biography

Since she took over the role of Sophie Webster from Emma Woodward, Brooke Vincent, despite being a young actress has seen her profile as an actor rise among her peers and the public. She has risen to become one of England’s most popular actresses. Born on the 4th of June in 1992, Brooke Vincent is the daughter of a police officer, Nicola Anderton and a tour guide, Anthony Vincent. She was born in Audenshaw, Greater Manchester.

Unfortunately, Brooke did not get to spend a lot of time with her father growing up. She was mostly raised by her mother and then joined by her stepfather, John McDermott, who came in after Brooke’s parents got a divorce. As a result of her parents’ respective new relationships, she has two half-siblings, a brother from her father’s relationship and a sister from her mother. Despite the divorce, which occurred when she was at the age of two, Brooke continued to be raised in Greater Manchester, where she attended Fairfield High School for Girls and The Manchester College, graduating with a National Diploma in Acting.


Perhaps it was the drama of her childhood or just a natural affinity for acting, no could not say exactly what drew Brooke Vincent to acting. After she graduated with a Diploma in the subject, she proceeded to seek a professional career in it. She made her first appearance on television in 2002, starring in The League of Gentlemen as Casey Emma Glass in an episode. Her next role was as Sophie Webster in Coronation Street.

She played the character, Sophie Webster, a lesbian lady with complicated relationships on the show. The character, which has existed since 1994 has been played by two actresses, with Brooke Vincent making the third actress to reprise the role on the 59-year-old show, Coronation Street. Brooke Vincent has been playing the character since 2004, starring in over 809 episodes to become the actress to play the character the longest.

During the course of the show, as her profile rose with each performance, she has starred in other projects, majorly in television such as an episode of Soapstar Superstar in 2006, Tricked in 2014. In film, she appeared in a spin-off movie of Coronation Street which was released in 2008, Coronation Street: Out of Africa.

As a star of English television, she has appeared on a few reality shows, such as the popular game show, I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here: Extra Camp in 2016. Other shows where she has made appearances as herself are Blankety Blank and Tipping Point: Lucky Stars. She contested in the celebrity figure skating show, Dancing on Ice, where she finished as a runner-up on the show in 2018.

Brooke Vincent has been nominated for a few awards, for her performances, mostly for Coronation Street. Some of them include The British Soap Awards and the Inside Soap Awards. Brooke Vincent is also an entrepreneur. She has her own line of stationery brands, Oh So B, which she launched in 2018.

Partner – Kean Bryan and Family Life

Before she got into a relationship with her current partner, Vincent was in a high-profile relationship with a professional footballer, Josh McEachran. The relationship lasted four years but eventually died in April 2015. She began dating Kean Bryan, who is also a footballer in 2016. Kean, who plays for Sheffield United has been with Brooke ever since and although there aren’t rumors of engagement yet, the relationship is believed to be going quite well.

Brooke also isn’t the only one in her family that is an actress. Her cousin, Ellie Leach is an actress as well. She also plays a character on Coronation Street as Faye Windass.

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