Bruce Willis Bio, Net Worth, Daughters, Wife, Age, Height and Other Facts

Being an actor is one of the career paths that make fame easy to attain but it takes a Bruce Willis to remain relevant and active in the industry for over 3 decades. Of course, the man is unquestionably one of the most influential actors in Hollywood. Beyond that, he is a producer and equally sings.

Did you know that Willis is a big supporter of the military, that he once traveled to Iraq just to encourage the soldiers? Well, there are other things you probably haven’t heard about the actor. Let’s take a look at a concise account of his bio and family life, the wealth he has acquired, and other facts about his life.

Bruce Willis Bio (Age)

It’s no secret that this Hollywood star was born Walter Bruce Willis on the 19th of March and in the year 1955. His place of birth was in West Germany, precisely in Rhineland-Palatinate, Idar-Oberstein. Bruce was born into the family of David Willis who was an American soldier. David was discharged from the military about two years after Bruce was birthed, in  1957. He became a welder and worked in a factory in order to provide for his family. Meanwhile, Bruce’s mother Marlene worked in a bank.

Bruce was born with the responsibility of being the first child, he is the oldest of his parent’s four children which includes his sister Florence and his two brothers – Robert and David. Sadly, he has lost Robert. This actor’s ancestry is pretty a complex one as he is of mixed heritage. While he is a citizen of the United States of America, his ethnicity has been linked to German, Welsh, Irish, Dutch, French, and English.

Records have it that the American actor was a student of Penns Grove High School located in Salem County, New Jersey. It is said that he was a stutterer and that he was able to conquer his inability to express himself by performing on stage, this marked the birth of an actor who would dominate the movie industry in years to come. Even though Bruce had what it takes to survive in the movie industry when he was done with high school – thanks to his active involvement in the activities of his school’s drama group, he had to do other jobs before he decided to give acting all his attention.

Bruce was first seen in Moonlight, a television series, and to intensify the pursuit of his acting career, he moved from New York City and settled in California where he auditioned for roles. It wasn’t long before he started landing minor roles. His first feature film lead role came in 1987’s romantic comedy, Blind Date. Bruce had a handful of other lead roles but it was his portrayal of John McClane in 1988’s action thriller Die Hard that became his big bang.

Career Attainments

Bruce Willis’ filmography boasts of a very long list of roles in television and much more in movies. While these roles have made it possible for him to attain the status of being one of the highest-grossing actors, it has also earned him numerous coveted accolades.

In 2006, his contributions to the industry earned him a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. That same year, the French government decorated him as an officer of the French Order of Arts and Letters. Several years later (in 2013), he was elevated to the status of a Commander. Bruce got inducted to the New Jersey Hall of Fame in 2011 and beyond Emmy and the Golden Globe, he can brag about winning the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, the Golden Raspberry, People’s Choice Award, and a host of other awards.

His Net Worth

Before Bruce made a name for himself as an actor, he was an avid businessman. As at the time of this writing, it is believed that the total value of the man’s wealth is worth $180 million. Granted that the true extent of Bruce’s riches is best known to him, the amount isn’t unrealistic if one considers his many sources of income and investment portfolio.

Bruce Willis owns quite many properties in Idaho, New York City, Manhattan, California, and New Jersey. In addition to that, he is a co-owner of Cheyenne Enterprises, a California-based production company. Among his other business endeavors, it is known that he became the global face of Sobieski Vodka after he was handed a 3.3% ownership of the company.

Bruce Willis’ Wife and Daughters

Bruce met Demi Moore at the premiere for 1987’s film, Stakeout. They wasted no time to become life partners, this was on the 21st of November 1987. All seemed to be well between the two until it emerged sometime in June 1998 that they are set to abandon their union. In October 2000, their divorce was perfected.

Demi and Bruce maintained a good relationship to such an extent that Bruce attended the wedding ceremony between her and Ashton Kutcher in 2005. Although the two are no longer together, they share three daughters who remind them of what they had. Their first, Rumer was born on 16th August 1988. After Rumer came Scout and then Tallulah. They were respectively birthed on July 20, 1991, and on 3rd February 1994.

Bruce later found love again in Brooke Burns, they went as far as having an engagement but then, the anticipated marriage didn’t happen as they fell apart real soon. The actor would move on and date Tamara Feldman before settling down with Emma Heming in a marriage that was celebrated in Turks and Caicos on the 21st of March and in the year 2009. With the model, Bruce Willis has two more daughters – Mabel Ray Willis and Evelyn Penn Willis.

Height and Other Facts

For an actor of his caliber, it is not surprising that people are hugely interested in knowing every tiny detail about him including such things as his height. Well, the actor is 1.83 m tall. The following are more fun facts about him:

1. Bruce Willis is one of the actors people find it hard to believe that they have never won an Oscar.

2. He has a thing for playing the harmonica.

3. Bruce once blamed Colombia for the drug problems in the United States of America. He later apologized for the comment.

4. His sex scenes in 1994’s Color of Night are regarded as one of the best sex scenes in film history.

5. Mr. Willis is a big fan of NFL’s New York Jets

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