Bryan Randall – Bio, Daughter, Age, Net Worth, Spouse (Sandra Bullock)

Bryan Randall – Bio, Daughter, Age, Net Worth, Spouse (Sandra Bullock)

One of the greatest challenges many celebrities (including Bryan Randall) face has always been managing their career and personal life successfully without hitches; that has been so difficult that many choose to separate the two and keep their personal life so far away from their career and most importantly away from the public and media. Interestingly, the latter seems to have worked out well for some of them but sadly for many, it is almost an impossible mission as the more they try to do this, the more their personal life finds its way to the public.

We all know how the love story between actress, producer, and philanthropist Sandra Bullock and motorcycle builder Jesse James began and how it eventually hits the rocks in the most unpalatable way. This led to her separation from James as she moved on with her life getting herself a handsome charming young man named Bryan Randall, the duo has been together since then living the life many can’t even dream of.

Since Randall is not as popular as the other men who had been in Bullock’s life, there has been this quest to dig into Bryan Randall’s bio, find out here: who he is, where he is from, what he does for a living, what his dating history is like and so many other things.

Bryan Randall Bio, Age

Randall is a native of Portland, Oregon, and was born in 1966. His exact birth date is not known as well as his parents, siblings, early life, and educational background; he prefers to keep those aspects of his life as discrete as possible, and believe it, he has done well at it.

Randall is a model turned photographer. He worked as a high fashion model, appearing on the pages of well-known fashion magazines like Vogue Paris. He is said to have also modeled for the likes of Saint Laurent and Hugo. In 2011. Randall appeared alongside Cindy Crawford for Harper’s Bazaar Singapore and has also posed with Lily Aldridge in several model shots.

The hottie currently runs his own Photography company which is based in Los Angeles. Bryan Randall is said to have always wanted to be in the entertainment industry as an actor. According to sources, before settling for a career in modeling then as a photographer, he attended Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop – the same drama school that produced the likes of Ian Harding, Alexandra Daddario, and Shailene Woodley.

Net Worth

Unlike his partner’s net worth which is estimated at $200 million, Bryan’s net worth is not currently known. Perhaps, in the course of time and as his photography company grows, more revelations about his finance will probably be made.

Relationship with Spouse (Sandra Bullock)

As revealed on his company’s website, his photography business focuses on children’s photography and outdoor scenes and that is exactly what led to Bryan Randall and Bullock Sandra‘s meeting. The story was that the Oscar-winning actress had hired the handsome model turned photographer to cover her son Louis’s birthday celebration and that was it; you could call it fate, Sandra was at that time trying to put behind her, the separation from James and all the drama that came with it and to move on with her life.

Bryan Randall – Bio, Daughter, Age, Net Worth, Spouse (Sandra Bullock)
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Their relationship started off as a mere rumor as the two were spotted together in different places on different occasions; however, by September 2015, it was no longer rumors as the couple confirmed they are an item and have been together ever since. We are not sure if they have plans of taking the relationship a step further as to being married but we do know that the pair are happy together and are obviously enjoying their romance.

Before Bryan Randall’s relationship with Bullock, Randall reportedly dated Paris St. John, who happens to be the daughter of soap actor Kristoff St. John and ex-wife Mia St. John.

Bryan Randall Daughter

Randall has a daughter named Skylar Staten Randall, from a previous relationship. According to reports, Bryan was at a rehab center getting treated for drug addiction when his daughter’s mother was pregnant. Another source claimed that Staten’s mother was also into drugs and that she had moved to L.A to live with her dad after her mom passed on in 2007.

Bryan Randall is said to be a lover of children and since dating Sandy, he also spends time with Sandy’s two children – Louis and Laila.