Caitlyn Jenner Vs Bruce Jenner; What Makes Them Different?

Besides the fact that both of them have a schlong, there’s a couple of differences we can spot when you think about Bruce and Caitlyn Jenner. In case some of you haven’t watched E!News in a couple of years, they are one and the same person. In 2015, Bruce embraced a whole new side of himself… a ‘herself’ and here are a few things that make them two completely different people.

Caitlyn Jenner Vs Bruce Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner Is Quite The Social Bee

Believe it or not, Bruce was not active on social media, you would think that just being in the same room with a Kardashian would make you go ‘gaga’ for the ‘gram, but no, besides the fact that his daughters were tabloid and social media royalty, he had no real connection to social media.

Our girl Caitlyn switched that up though, commanding over 2 million followers on Twitter she has people who support her and want to know more about the drastic transformation she just under went. So it is safe to say that the star knows her way around the social media scene, which is vital for anyone in this century.

Caitlyn Jenner Is More Valuable Than Bruce

Well, that’s a real kick in the nards… according to TMZ Caitlyn Jenner pulls more cheddar than Bruce in the same industry. Not unlike Caitlyn, Bruce was also in the motivational speaking business and don’t get us wrong, he earned some coin in his day, in the neighborhood of $25,000 per gig. Not bad as long as the gigs come in at a steady rate.

Caitlyn on the other hand earns four times what Bruce used to pull in for just one gig… well try that on for size. This sex change thing really seems to be working well for the star in every way imaginable.

Caitlyn Jenner Is More Open About Her Personal Life

Back in the day, Bruce would let his family occupy all the space in the giant spotlight that was pointed at them, but these days Jenner 2.0 is up and running, fully ready to share the life changing experience with the world. We guess what we and most of the other people out there are saying is that it was cute the first time and the second and maybe the third, but later it got tedious.

Caitlyn is on a mission right now to be heard and it’s beginning to annoy a few people, we won’t mention names but Snoop Dogg may have said he found it ‘over bearing’. He even went as far as to describe her as a science project in a recent Instagram post; it annoyed him that real life achievements were happening but most people were focused on her.

Jon Stewart, Timbaland and Drake Bell did not seem too impressed with the whole buzz about Caitlyn.

Caitlyn Jenner Is Still Trying To Find Her Identity

No doubt that as Bruce she knew who she was, after all she spent years living out life as him, as one of the first American athletes to win a Olympic gold medal and a father to his children. Now, she’s just Caitlyn.

For real though, let’s really think about this issue, is Caitlyn a mom or dad right now? There is no doubt that is surely a very gray area in their lives as a whole. Anyway, she is also trying transcend beyond the whole reality TV star brand and find her footing as Caitlyn the… only time will tell.

Caitlyn Is a Better Parent

If you ever ‘seriously’ suggest that a child should have been aborted after he/she is born, then your parenting rights should be ceased. Back when she was still Bruce, she actually suggested that Cassandra Jenner, his first daughter, should have been aborted. Becoming Caitlyn has initiated a change of heart in the star and she is currently trying to rekindle relationships that she left to waste.

Not only is she reconnecting with her older children,  but she is also getting closer to her mother, Ester. Hopefully, this will lead her down a path of healing and self-discovery.

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