Candy Loving – Biography & Family Facts, Is She Dating Anyone?

Candy Loving is a model and actress who became popular after posing for the popular men’s magazine Playboy. She appeared in the 25th-anniversary issue of the famed magazine in 1979 and was crowned the Playmate of the Month in January of the same year. The success she found as a model opened up a door of opportunities for her which she quickly took advantage of. Candy became a recognized national sex symbol after that month’s edition hit the stands. She beat thousands of applicants to get the spot and travelled around the country, relishing the finest things of life.

Her family and friends supported her through her modelling career, even when the fame began impeding on her privacy. Although she has since left the modelling world behind, Candy will always be remembered as one of the most beautiful bombshells to ever grace the pages of the Playboy Magazine. Her featured pictures were taken by the legendary Dwight Hooker, who is considered as one of the masters of erotic and sensual photography.

Candy Loving – Biography

Candy Loving was born in Oswego, Kansas, on September 4, 1956. After she turned three, her mother relocated to Oklahoma with Candy and her siblings. She had a pretty normal childhood and completed her early education at Ponca City High School. After graduating in 1974, she went on to the University of California where she studied Journalism.

It was while studying at the university that her husband at the time, Ron Prather, encouraged her to enter into the Playboy Great Playmate contest which was organized to mark its 25th edition. She was working as a waitress after school hours to make ends meet. Candy gave in to the urgings of her husband and signed up for the contest. She then completed the test shoots as required, and a few months later, she beat 3,500 girls to make it to the centrefold of the 25th-anniversary issue.

Her fancy name and gorgeous curves made her an instant hit across the nation. She became a huge star overnight and Candy Loving milked it for all it was worth. She swiftly relocated to Los Angeles to try her hands at acting while also taking on new modelling gigs. She toured around the world as a Playboy Ambassador and landed film and television roles in Stardust Memories, Dance Fever, The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo, and Playboy documentaries.

After a few years spent living in the spotlight, Candy decided she had had enough of the celebrity lifestyle and she went back to school to complete her degree. She followed this by getting a Masters degree in Human Relations. She has spent the last three decades in the healthcare industry, helping organizations curate health and other benefits package for their employers. Candy loves the job she is doing now even if it is a far cry from the fun and excitement she enjoyed in her heydays.

Relationship and Family Facts: Is She Dating Anyone?

Candy Loving was raised by her mother in Oklahoma. She has four siblings, however, their identities are not known as the former model has done a good job of keeping her private life out of the media.

Shortly after graduating from high school, she married Ron Prather but their relationship didn’t survive her Playboy career. Later on, she began dating Dave Reavis, offensive lineman for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and she even relocated to Florida to be with him. Unfortunately, the relationship didn’t last either, and they went their separate ways. Candy has a grown daughter, although her name has been kept away from the public. Her daughter completed her university education in 2013. She is very aware of Candy’s past and she is not ashamed of it.

The former sex symbol and Playboy model has had a very fulfilling life, full of wonderful relationships and friendships. She has had a steady stream of admirers to choose from, but unfortunately, none of her romantic entanglements lasted beyond a few years. At the moment, she doesn’t appear to be dating anyone, or perhaps she is keeping the affair under wraps. Seemingly, Candy Loving is still hoping for her the love of her life, but until he comes along, she is taking things one day at a time.