Captivating Facts About Hunter Mcgrady, Her Modelling Career & Husband

Captivating Facts About Hunter Mcgrady, Her Modelling Career & Husband

Indeed, gone are the days when plus-size women were body-shamed in different ways. With several modeling platforms embracing bold and beautiful women nowadays, it has become more welcoming for models of all shapes and sizes. This was not the case for the likes of Hunter McGrady who struggled with her plus-size body to be included in a world that segregated women like her from the rest of others.

Hunter McGrady is a plus-size model whose career grew from modeling and equally evolved to helping women build their confidence. It is called body inclusivity; you can call it advocacy for body positivity, and McGrady appears to be spearheading this movement. Hunter has achieved so much and is still going places with her once unwanted 46-40-54 inches and a weight of 108 kg (238 lb). Find out more about the model as you scroll through

How Hunter Mcgrady Modeling Career Grew Over the Years

Born on May 4, 1993, modeling for Hunter McGrady started when she was a teenager. She had modeling flowing through her veins as her mother and grandmother walked the same path. Her father, Michael Mcgrady, is also into showbiz. He is a popular actor known for various works.

Hunter may have chosen to toe the line as her mother but the journey wasn’t going to be as seamless as that of her mother. Hunter was fifteen when she started modeling and was weighing 114 lb. Although she was a size 2 and weighing 114 lb, she was told it wasn’t still good enough. She was asked to lose 3 inches off her hips in order to join the acceptable size 00.

However, as she grew older she started losing grip of her body despite her excessive workouts and dieting. Hunter McGrady knew she had the tendency to get even bigger but her countless efforts to ‘stay in shape’ proved futile as she witnessed no significant change in her body weight. It was during this time that she understood her body type.

Humble Beginnings

Hunter McGrady despite her weight wanted to continue with modeling. She knew quite well that it wasn’t going to be an easy journey considering the prevailing skinny body stereotype attached to modeling in the society she lived in. Relentlessly following her passion, she was rejected by a lot of modeling agencies, and was getting few callbacks and jobs; of course, the majority wanted slimmer ladies.

At 18, the plus-size model knew her body type was only natural and that she could not do much about it. This was when she started building her confidence. Hunter started learning to accept her body type and relentlessly searched for agencies that would accept her.

At the age of 20, she joined Wilhemina Models now known as Wilhelmina International Inc. Her career then dramatically expanded as she started doing jobs for several notable brands.

Breakthrough with Sports Illustrated

Hunter McGrady got her breakthrough when she was featured on Sports Illustrated. She was greatly admired by many for her curves. Seeing a plus-size model on the cover of the magazine may not have been new as Ashley Graham was the first plus-size model to cover the magazine but then Hunter was different. She was size 16 alright but stood out for her curvaceous body which had never been seen on the cover of any magazine.

Mcgrady grew from a regular model to a top shot when she associated with SI. She was named Rookie of the Year in the 2018 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue which shot her to an unfading spotlight. That same year she took part in the In Her Own Words project, joining other models to express themselves through words written on their bodies.

Hunter has grown from a cover girl to a columnist at SI. Her column Hello Hunter is quite a busy one as she constantly entertains questions from her fans and the public alike, relating to body positivity and confidence. In collaboration with Playful Promises, she has designed her own swimsuit specially made for plus-sized women.

Captivating Facts About Hunter Mcgrady, Her Modelling Career & Husband
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 Is Hunter McGrady Married?

Hunter McGrady has succeeded in proving that your body type has nothing to do with how beautiful your life can be. She is happily married to Brian Keys. Meeting each other on Snapchat turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to the couple. Contrary to the stereotype attached to online dating, Hunter and Keys had a different story.

Keys was the one who followed Hunter on the platform, and an ardent follower he became. They both chatted for six months before deciding to meet each other face to face. Meeting in New York in March 2016, it seemed like magic the two started dating officially. The love birds dated for a year ad some months before Brian proposed to Hunter on Dec 29, 2017.

The couple got married in a romantic wedding ceremony on June 16, 2019, in California. Afterward, they proceeded to Turks and Caicos for their honeymoon. Keys has a daughter from a previous relationship and Hunter loves and adores her like her own – the best part of it all. The couple has moved into their new home and are living together happily.