Carin Van Der Donk – Celeb Facts And Profile Of Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wife

Carin Van Der Donk is best known as the wife of popular veteran actor, producer, and singer, . However, it is worth knowing that Donk is also a model and a photographer. She is notable for using photography to capture turbulent situations and promoting humanitarianism and activism.

With reference to her marriage to the entertainer, she is often seen accompanying her popular husband to various movies premieres, red carpet events, and other social functions which shows the deep bond the couple share. Aside from her husband, Carin Van Der Donk also has close ties with her elder sister, Marjan Van Der Donk.

Let us have a sneak peek into the biography, profile and celebrity facts of Vincent D’Onofrio’s wife in this piece.

Carin Van Der Donk – Bio & Profile

The amazing photographer cum model is said to have been born in 1970 in the Netherlands where she grew up with her older sister known as Marjan Van Der Donk. Carin Van Der Donk belongs to the White ethnic group and she is a Dutch national.

Information about her educational life is still not revealed, however, some sources have revealed that she completed both her high school and college education. Donk revealed that while growing up, she had a huge fancy for the entertainment industry and her love for the show business led her down the path of becoming a model.

Her modeling career started out by working for some local brands. Later on, in the mid-90s, there was progress in her modeling career as she got signed to model for ‘Bumble and Bumble’ hair product by a popular hair salon. As a result of this, Carin Van Der Donk was featured on several adverts for Bumble and Bumble hair brand in New York City.

A few years later, Donk’s career took another dimension as she realized her passion for photography. She explored in this field with her sister Marjan Van Der Donk who is a professional photographer. Eventually, Donk ventured into the world of photography as it gave her more time to balance things as a wife, mum, and a career woman.

Her Relationship With Vincent D’Ontofrio

There is no talking about Carin Van Der Donk without talking about her famous husband, Vincent D’Onofrio. Sources have it that Donk met Vincent D’onofrio in New York City in 1996. After dating for a while, the two lovebirds tied the nuptial knot on the 22nd of March, 1997 and two years into the marriage, the union was blessed with their first child- a son they named Elias Gene D’Onofrio, who was born on December, 1999.

A year after the birth their son Elias, the couple was faced with marital challenges and their marriage almost came to an end in the year 2000. Although the couple didn’t get a divorce, they decided to separate. While living separately, they visited each other often because of their son Elias Gene D’onofrio. Eventually, the frequent visit gave Carin Van Der Donk and Vincent a chance to rethink their decision, which consequently led to their reunion as a couple. In 2008, the couple welcomed an additional member to the family- their son, Luka D’Onofrio.

Aside from her two sons, Donk is also the step-mother to her husband’s daughter, Leila George whom he had from his previous dalliance with the actress Greta Scacchi. The young Leila is currently following her father’s footsteps in pursuing a career as an actress and has been featured in a couple of movies so far.

Celeb Facts about Carin Van Der Donk

1. The wife of Vincent D’ Onofrio often uses her photography skills as a medium to promote humanitarian activities. She usually takes pictures of places and situations that need government attention and assistance and makes sure it gets the attention of the government.

2. Carin Van Der Donk is known to be interested in charity and she is often seen at most charity events and other government functions

3. Although Donk has not officially released any statement regarding her net worth, sources have however revealed that she earns a good amount of money from her careers. Also, being the wife of popular veteran actor, producer and singer make her entitlement to a hefty net worth of more than $40 million.

4. The celebrity wife is also known to own a house worth more than $2.6 million along with her husband.

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