Carl Bernstein – Biography, Net Worth, Spouse Or Wife And Children

Carl Bernstein – Biography, Net Worth, Spouse Or Wife And Children

Carl Bernstein is an influential American journalist and author who has penned many books over the years. He is also known to have started out on the right foot during his early years as a journalist. Records show that by age sixteen, he had commenced work and was on the payroll of several news agencies like the Washington Post, Elizabeth Daily Journal, American Broadcasting Cooperation amongst others. Let’s take a look at this seasoned journalist’s biography, the women he married, his children, and other facts of his life.

Carl Bernstein Biography

The American journalist cum writer, Carl Bernstein, was born on the 14th of February 1944, in Washington DC, USA, and he was raised by his Jewish parents, Sylvia and Alfred Bernstein.

Flipping over to his education, Carl studied at Montgomery Blair High School in Maryland, after which he proceeded to the University of Maryland but was unable to graduate as he opted out of his college program. Nevertheless, that did not stall him from being not just a journalist but one of the best in the field.

This American veteran media personality is said to have started out as a journalist from his teenage years when he started working for the Washington Star. Later on, when he dropped out of college, he took a job with the Elizabeth Daily Journal in New Jersey as a full correspondent. It was during his days there that he won the New Jersey’s Press Association Prize under the category of Investigative Reporting, Feature Writing, and News on a Deadline.

Carls’s next job was with the Washington Post and one of his major tasks as a reporter for the Washington post was to investigate the Watergate Scandal. Even though this story increased his popularity, he left the Agency a couple of years later to join the American Broadcasting Cooperation in 1980. He initially served as the Washington Bureau Chief and then, he got to the level of Senior Reporter. However, four years into his work there, he left the station and started writing for various magazines.

As a writer, Carl Bernstein has authored and co-authored many books which including “All the President Men” with Bob Woodward and “The Final Days”. The latter gave a detailed account of Richard Nixon’s presidential regime. He is also the author of “Loyalties: A Son’s Memoir”, “His Holiness”, “A Woman in Charge”, and “His Holiness: John Paul II and the History of Our Time”. The last-mentioned related the biography of Pope John Paul II, the significant and secretive role he played that led to the plummet of communism.

Apart from his books, the journalist also writes essays. In this regard, he is best known for the essay “The Triumph of Idiot Culture” which focused on sensualism and the controversial gossips of the New Republic in American.

Spouse or Wife and Children

Carl Bernstein first got married in 1968 to Carol Honsa, however, the union lasted for four years before it ended on the grounds of irreconcilable issues. His second marriage was with Nora Ephron, this marriage also encountered issues that the duo couldn’t handle, hence they ended the union after four years.

Carl Bernstein – Biography, Net Worth, Spouse Or Wife And Children
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Subsequently, the journalist found love again when he met Christine Kuehbeck. The pair eventually made it official in 2003 when they tied the conjugal knot. Our findings also reveal that their marriage is blessed with two sons – Jacob Bernstein and Max Bernstein. Furthermore, there is no rumor of any separation nor conflict between the pair as they are currently living happily as a family.

His Net Worth

While people have shown interest in knowing what Carl Bernstein earns, the actual amount he is being paid as his salary is still not known to the public. But then, from the time he has spent in the field of journalism, Carl Bernstein is known to have garnered a handsome wealth which has been estimated to be around $5 million.

It is worth knowing that the American journalist has a strong social media presence as he can be seen on different social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with millions of followers. The man is more active on Twitter.