Carmelo Anthony Wife, Son, Divorce, Height, Weight, Net Worth
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If Carmelo Anthony’s spell with the Houston Rockets doesn’t go to plan, he could go down in history as the most talented NBA player who never won a ring.

The ten-time NBA All-Star and six-time All-NBA team player, who made a name for himself in his only year of college in Syracuse, where he won an NCAA title, is known for his scoring prowess, which makes him one of the best clutch players in the association.

Early Life and Education

Carmelo Kyam Anthony was born in the projects of Brooklyn, New York City, in Red Hook. His father, Carmelo Iriarte, who died of cancer at the age of only 2 years, was Puerto Rican, while his mother, Mary Anthony, is African American. When Anthony turned 8 years old, his family moved to Baltimore. Here the young athletic boy was able to hone his basketball skills, hoping to use them as a way out of poverty.

Anthony first attended Towson Catholic High School in Maryland for three years before moving to Oak Hill Academy in Virginia for his final year. During his time at Towson, Anthony made a name for himself and was widely regarded as one of the best top players. However, because he lacked strength and was thin, the NBA teams did not consider taking him on, which meant he had to attend college. In addition, he had to have good grades to attend a good school with a serious basketball program, which he did not, and this was later the reason why he chose Oak. In his senior year at Oak, Carmelo Anthony gained weight with an average of 21.7 points, 8.1 rebounds, and 4.0 assists per game and was named USA Today All-USA First Team and Parade First Team All-American.

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Carmelo Anthony Wife, Son, Divorce, Height, Weight, Net Worth
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After improving his grades, Anthony enrolled at the University of Syracuse. He played one college season in basketball and helped the school win its first-ever NCAA tournament in 2003. In the 2002/03 season, he averaged 22.2 points and 10.0 rebounds as he led the team in several categories including goals, rebounds, and minutes of play. At the end of the season, he announced his intention to participate in the 2003 NBA Draft where he was selected by the Denver Nuggets with the 3rd overall ranking behind LeBron James and Darko Milicic.

Carmelo Anthony’s Net Worth

The net assets of Carmelo Anthony are estimated at approximately $120 million. As one of only three NBA players with a no-trade clause, he has been able to accumulate his vast fortune through contracts over the years in the NBA as well as through the numerous sponsorship agreements he has signed with major companies such as Foot Locker, Jordan Brand, Nike, and Nickelodeon.

In 2010, when Anthony was drafted by the Denver Nuggets, he signed a $10.4 million 3-year contract. When that contract expired, he agreed to extend his stay with the Nuggets by signing a brand new $80 million 5-year contract in 2006. In 2011, just before it was sold to the New York Knicks, Anthony signed a three-year extension with Denver for $64.2 million. After playing as a Knick on his previous contract for three years, Anthony put a $124.1 million 5-year contract on paper to continue his stay at Madison Square Garden.

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Family – Wife, Son, Divorce

Carmelo Anthony Wife, Son, Divorce, Height, Weight, Net Worth
Image source

Carmelo Anthony is married to the beautiful Alani Nicole Anthony (née Vazquez), better known by her stage name La La. The couple got engaged on Christmas Day 2004, but finally exchanged vows in July 2010. The ceremony, filmed by VH1 for the reality series “La La’s Full Court Wedding”, was held at Cipriani’s in New York by author and preacher Michael Eric Dyson in the presence of some 320 guests.

Together the couple has a son named Kiyan Carmelo Anthony, born on March 7, 2007. The family of three lived together on the Upper West Side of New York until 2017 when it was reported that Mrs. Anthony had moved out of her apartment and was living separately. It was also reported that the reason she moved out was that her basketball husband had been publicly accused of impregnating another woman. Following numerous reports that the couple wanted to divorce, La La revealed that they are not officially divorcing at the moment, but have decided to live separately until they work things out.

Height and Weight

Carmelo Anthony, who was considered too thin to play in the NBA as a high school junior, now weighs about 240 pounds or 109 kg. The 2013 NBA top scorer also has an impressive height of 2.03 meters (6 feet 8 inches).