Carolyn Manno – Biography, Family, Everything About The Sports Journalist

Carolyn Manno is a name that inspires lots of prospective female sports reporters. She is iconic and phenomenal when it comes to sports reporting and has created a niche for herself in a male-dominated field. Carolyn presently covers a range of reportage for the . She has been opportune to cover major events like the NFL, Olympics (2012, 2016), 2014 Sochi Games, NBC Super Bowl, NHL, Stanley Cup, amongst others in the course of her career. Here is all you need to know about the sports journalist that is Carolyn Manno.

Carolyn Manno – Biography

The beautiful and phenomenal Carolyn we have come to love was born in Florida on the 16th of July 1984. She recalls growing up with keen interest and love for sports. She also admits being a little “tomboyish” while growing up. Manno was very active and even played football while she was in high school. Upon her graduation from high school, Carolyn proceeded to the prestigious University of Florida to study telecommunications. She graduated with her degree in 2006.

Carolyn’s love for sports was her core motivation. She knew she wanted to be in sports. If she wasn’t actively playing, then reporting was the next best thing. She started her career in journalism at South Bend Indiana. The beautiful budding reporter covered some major sporting teams like the Chicago Bears, Cubs, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, White Sox, to mention a few.

She also had the opportunity to improve her limited knowledge and experience as her coverage wasn’t limited to a particular sport. She worked at South Bend Indiana for a total of three years before moving on to greater opportunities. Carolyn Manno found her way to Comcast Sports Network. She worked there in the capacity of a reporter and sports news anchor. Not to be daunted by any sports related task, Carolyn Manno launched into her new role with vigour and excelled at it. She covered the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, Boston Bruins, Stanley Cup, Boston Celtics, among others. She also began to contribute to as a writer.

The vivacious sports reporter soon moved again to a better position. She joined NBC Sports Group in August 2009. This was a smart career move for Carolyn Manno as it helped launch her trade to another level. She initially worked as an anchor and correspondent before she joined NBC and NBCSN full time in 2013 as an anchor and reporter.

Carolyn Manno has a wide range of assignments with the NBC Sports Group. She covers the NBC’s Sports Update Desk, NASCAR America, Football Night in America, Triple Crown horse racing, Super Bowl XLIX, College football, Dew Tour coverage, cycling, amongst others.

Carolyn has shown dexterity and commitment to her work which has been recognized and rewarded over time. She has won the Indiana Spectrum Award for Journalistic Excellence by the Indiana Broadcasters Association and also the Edward R. Murrow Award for Sports Journalism.


Despite being active on social media, Carolyn has refrained from sharing personal information about herself. Besides memories of her childhood which she has shared through occasional interviews, details about her family have never been in the public sphere.


Carolyn Manno is one of the few reporters who has reported in the Olympics back to back. Her first Olympics was in London in 2012 and then in Rio 2016.

Being a sports journalist has its perks and drawbacks. It actually involves lots of travelling to cover different games at different venues. This might be one of the reasons Carolyn isn’t in a committed relationship. It’s also possible that she has just decided not to share that aspect of her life with the public. It is certain though that she is not married.

Carolyn Manno is very fit which she achieved, thanks to following a strict exercise or diet routine. She is 5 feet and 6 inches tall and has been admired for her long toned legs.

Carolyn Manno has a large heart. She has supported different causes that are important to her in her life. Manno is a member and supporter of NGO’s like Orphan Motivational and Blood for All. She sometimes supports them from her personal funds.

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