Carter Reynolds Bio, Age, Height and Other Interesting Facts

Although Carter Reynolds is one among the many celebrities who have earned their fame thanks to social media, he is not like many others. Unfortunately, that is not in a good way.

The star is a YouTuber and Vine vlogger who was on a rather fast rise in both fame and fortune before he lost it almost as fast as he rose. Here is all to know about him.

Carter Reynolds Bio – Age

Real name Carter McCoy Reynolds, he was born on 24th May 1996. Born a twin with his sister, Kayla Reynolds, he was raised by his parents (Jeanie his mother, and his father, Jerimie).

For his education, the social media star attended Jimmy C. Draughn High School alongside his sister.

While growing up, Reynolds was more interested in sports and he played competitive tennis. What brought him into the limelight, as pointed out was his social media presence which he began on Vine on 21st May 2013. It kept growing just as his YouTube channel, getting millions of followers on both platforms. After he had gotten massive followership and fan base on social media, with his YouTube channel having close to two million people, he attracted many endorsements from brands such as Coca-Cola, Aeropostale, Airheads, and Audible.

His Fall and Other Interesting Facts

Carter was in a relationship with Maggie Lindemann, who like him is a YouTube star. She has a YouTube Channel, Maggie Lindemann. At the time the two dated, she was 16 years old while he was 21.

Having risen to a point of admiration by a lot of fans, his fall came when he made headlines in different countries after a video of himself was leaked in which he was seen coercing Maggie Lindemann who was then still 16 years old for oral sex. The video which was taken from his iCloud account attracted a lot of backlash from the young social media celebrity.

From what was seen in the video, Carter was trying to get Maggie to have oral intercourse with him, even when she was insisting that it made her uncomfortable. It was said that the cyber star (based on Los Angeles law) was attempting statutory rape. He kept insisting that she should act like it was nothing, but she refused, saying that would only be a lie.

After the scandal broke out, Carter Reynolds took to Twitter to apologize to his over 2 million followers. That, however, did not save his accounts from experiencing a slow decline.

What went on to destroy him almost finally was a YouTube live streaming that he made in which he attacked Maggie Lindemann. This led to an argument between the two on Twitter and it seemed to finally seal what may be the end of his Vlogging career for some time.

The scandal led to the loss of his endorsements and many followers. That was all in 2015. Today, Carter Reynolds has been able to build and maintain followership on Vine where he now has 4.6 million followers, over 3 million followers on Instagram, and over 3 million followers on Twitter. On YouTube, he has less than a million subscribers.

Height and More Facts About Carter Reynolds

1. Carter, a rather nice-looking individual who is still quite young, is loved by his fans. He has quite a slim build and a height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.73m).

2. He has a net worth that is estimated at $500,000

3. The young Vlogger has also been in more controversies than one, including one in which he stated that he hated his fans.

4. Having joined YouTube in 2013, he has only been able to get more than 3 million views, although that is because he has only a few videos on the channel.

5. He is a fan of Jason Derulo and Justin Bieber.

6. Reynolds was a member of a group, Magcon. The group was created to help members promote their vine careers.

7. Then a teenager, Reynold was on tour with his group, Magcon, when the scandal broke. He was escorted from the hotel where he lodged and was told not to return.

8. His relationship with Maggi only lasted for months before it ended.

9. Demi Plaras is the new woman that Reynolds is dating. The two have been together since 2016.

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