Cassandra Harris – Bio, Facts, Family Life of Pierce Brosnan’s Ex-Wife

Cassandra Harris is a professional actress who became known to many people due to her relationship with renowned Irish-American film producer, actor, environmentalist, and activist, . The actress joined other performers in the entertainment industry in the year 1954, however, her career was truncated by ovarian cancer which subsequently ended her life in 1985.

As an actress, Pierce Brosnan’s ex-wife made appearances in three productions and they were all stunning and superlative. As listed online, her first credited role was as Cassandra in the 1978 drama film, The Greek Tycoon, after which she was cast as Mrs. Lloyd Palmer in Rough Cut (produced in 1980). Her last professional credit was the 1981 British spy film For Your Eyes Only, wherein she portrayed Countess Lisl von Schlaf.

Cassandra Harris – Bio

Cassandra Harris was born Sandra Colleen Waites, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, on 15th December 1948. She is the daughter of Australian parents Roma Waites (died 23 July 1962) and Walter Waites (father) and the granddaughter of a German aristocrat.

Regarding her education, information about where she actually began her academic journey is difficult to come by, however, the actress is said to have taken up lessons at the National Institute of Dramatic Art. She was admitted into the institution under the name Sandra Gleeson at the age of 12, precisely in 1961 after relocating from Sydney to London.

Upon acquiring the needed knowledge, Pierce Brosnan’s ex-wife was offered a role in the stage show Boeing Boeing, which was produced in Sydney. The project is a farce authored by Marc Camoletti, a renowned French playwright.

As hinted earlier, Cassandra Harris displayed her acting skills in three films only which are the film For Your Eyes Only, The Greek Tycoon, and Rough Cut. However, she is said to have also appeared in several episodes of Remington Steele (television series) as a guest along with her husband.

Family Life 

Cassandra Harris tied the knot three times before death came knocking. The actress’s first attempt at marriage was William Firth in the year 1964. They only lived together for six years before their marital relationship hit the rocks.

In the same year, being 1970, she found love again and accepted to spend the rest of her life with a man called Dermot Harris. Like her previous relationship, their love for each other only survived for eight years, leading to their divorce in 1978.

Three years later, love smiled on the Cassandra Harris once more and brought Irish-American entertainment mogul – Pierce Brosnan her way. They got married in the same year (precisely on 27th December 1980) and had a son three years later.

He was named Sean Brosnan and he has two half-brothers who came from his mother’s romantic affair with her second husband. The eldest of them is Charlotte Harris while the younger one is Christopher Harris. The former was born in 1971 (died 2013) while the latter arrived in the world the following year.

Brosnan considers Charlotte Dermot Harris and Christopher Dermot Harris as his own kids. He adopted the duo following the death of their father in the same year after he suffered a heart attack.

Other Facts About Pierce Brosnan’s Ex-Wife

1. The talented actress drew her last breathe in the city of Los Angeles after battling with Ovarian cancer for about four years. Harris was only 42 years when she met her death in December 1991, precisely on the 28th day of the month. She was first informed about the disease in the year 1987 by her doctors.

2. The disease is also said to have claimed the lives of the Cassandra Harris’ mother and only daughter. Brosnan’s wife was a teenager when her mother died in 1962, however, her daughter passed on a few years after her [Harris] death in 1991.

3. The names of her grandchildren are Isabella Sophie Smith, Lucas Smith, and Marley May Cassandra. The first two are Charlotte’s children with her husband Alex Smith while Marley is Sean Brosnan’s daughter.

4. Her third husband (Pierce Brosnan) has since remarried since 2001 to none other than the American actress Keely Shaye Smith. The two are jointly raising their two kids – Paris Brosnan and .

5. Brosnan still credits her for having had a great profound impact on his life. In his own word, the celebrity actor said that it was Cassandra Harris that made him the man he is today.

6. Cassandra Harris and her ex-husband became friends after they were introduced to each other by a mutual friend. The introduction took place sometime in the mid-1970s in London.

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