Catherine Herridge Son, Biography, Husband, Net Worth, Family

A journalist, author and a true mother, Catherine Herridge is one of those very few people who have maintained life as good off stage as they do it on stage.

She is a journalist with Fox news and a face that easily grabs your attention. She became very popular for being the host of Weekend Life on Fox Channel.

Catherine Herridge Biography

Getting to know her better than on Fox, Catherine Herridge was born on 18 May 1965 in Canada into a military family. That is one thing that will always show in her later life.

While growing up, she has always had her eyes set on journalism, and she held on to the dream.

For her education, Herridge attended Harvard College where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree before moving to the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism for her masters.

Soon after she was done with her education, Herridge began her career with ABC News. She remained with the station for a generous amount of time before she later moved on to Fox News where she has remained ever since.

She also wrote for Fox broadcasting network’s defunct magazine Fox files. For all her efforts, she was awarded a Bronze World Medal.

Her move to Fox News Channel was in 1996 and she was saddled with the responsibility of covering news on intelligence. Her beats were also Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security.

Some of the very popular events she covered are the investigation of Princess Diana’s death, 9/11 terrorist attack, Benghazi attack, and Hillary Clinton’s campaigns and Email scandal among other things. She also reported for the news channel from different parts of the world including Iraq and Israel.

Catherine Herridge Son, Husband, Family

A beautiful and cheerful woman, Catherine Herridge is married. She has been hooked since March 13, 2004, to an Air Force Lt. Col, JD Hayes. This is where it gets all interesting considering that she is married to a military officer.

Ever since then, the two have been together and they have two children, Jamie, and Peter.

Shortly after the birth of her son Peter, Catherine Herridge and Hayes were caught in the crisis of trying to save the life of their son who was diagnosed with a rare chronic liver disease known as biliary atresia. The disease is a form of cancer which could lead to progressive damage to his vital body functions after blocking one’s bile ducts.

The only way out for Peter to survive was if he was able to get a liver transplant. Even after waiting for a long time, there was no donor forth coming. Because of this, Catherine Herridge decided on the ultimate sacrifice that could end her life if something went wrong.

“Peter needs it and that’s really the end of it. My son’s over at the Children’s Hospital,” she said after deciding to donate her liver to her son.

More than 10 years later, both Catherine and Peter are doing great.

Catherine Herridge Net Worth

In 2010, Herridge waged a legal battle against Fox News Channel as a result of issues regarding her salary and other things that were not made public. What she was asking for in the suit was for a 95% increase in her salary to make it $900,000 per year.

One year into the case, it was dismissed as one with no merit by a federal judge, after he made reference to her demand for the raise.

That said, she still has a very generous take home pay which is around $100,000 annually. She also has proceeds from her writings. With these, Catherine has a net worth that is said to be around $10 million.

Apart from her life as a journalist, Catherine is also a published author. She has published a book so far; Next Wave: On the Hunt for Al Qaeda’s American Recruits. The work is on the terrorism of the middle east and the ruins it has caused to the region.

Body Measurements

A very beautiful woman, the 54-year old mother of two has a good physique and body that keeps her even younger than her age. She stands at a height of 5 feet 8 Inches

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