Chance Hogan – Bio, Siblings, Family, Facts About Paul Hogan’s Son

Chance Hogan – Bio, Siblings, Family, Facts About Paul Hogan’s Son

Chance Hogan is a musician who has come to be better known as the son of famous Australian comedian, actor, and television presenter Paul Hogan and his ex-wife, who is a former actress, Linda Kozlowski. Thanks to the fame of his parents, Chance seems to cut out almost naturally for fame and a life in showbiz.

Of recent, he has become more known for his wayward ways and troubles which have been said to have strained his relationship with his father than for his music or any other thing else.

Chance Hogan Biography

It was in 1999 that Chance Hogan was born to his actor and comedian father Paul Hogan and actress mother, Linda Kozlowski. There is, however, no information regarding the exact date of his birth. He was brought up alongside his five siblings who were birthed from the first marriage of his father to Noelene Edwards.

Chance was mostly raised by his father as the marriage between his parents ended in 2014. According to some reports, the kid decided he was staying with his father over his mother because of the teen hangout room which was in the house.

As a kid growing up with parents who are both entertainers, the Australian-American soon developed a knack for music. This would later have him join two others to start the punk band, Rowdy P. The band which is yet to become very popular is mostly active in Los Angeles.

Chance Hogan has remained in the news for quite a long time now for getting into one trouble or the other which is said to gradually be pushing his father to the edge. He found it hard fitting into any school since he was always moving with his parents- he moved close to 8 times, constantly changing schools.

When he was 15, it was reported that he was obsessed with satanic symbols including 666 and the anti-Christ. Back in 2015, the rock singer who was still not an adult was seen drinking beer and smoking. From then, he continued getting into different kinds of troubles including throwing up on the street after a performance and sharing a photo on Instagram with a naked man who had “Kill Donald Trump” on his torso.

Siblings and Family of Chance Horgan

Chance Hogan was brought up in a very big family with five siblings. Before his parents got married in 1990, they were both married to other people but later got divorced. His father was married twice to Noelene Edwards. He first married her in 1958 and they remained together until 1981 when the marriage came to an end only for them to walk down the aisle again in 1982. This time around, it lasted until 1990 when it came to an end.

Chance Hogan – Bio, Siblings, Family, Facts About Paul Hogan’s Son
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On her part, Linda Kozlowski was also said to have once been married to someone whose name was not given. Her marriage to Paul Hogan which produced only a child lasted from 1990 to 2013 when they separated before finally divorcing in 2014.

The siblings of Chance Hogan are Lauren Hogan, Brett Hogan who is an actor famous for appearing in Crocodile Dundee, Scott Hogan, Todd Hogan, and Clay Hogan. In 2017, it was reported that one of his siblings suffered a stroke, a tragic event that brought the legendary actor and comedian together with his ex-wife Noelene even after 17 years of not speaking to each other.

Facts About Paul Hogan’s Son

1. How his parents met: Paul Hogan and his second wife first met in 1986 on the set for Crocodile Dundee which earned him a Golden Globe Award while Linda got a nomination for best actor and best actress respectively.

2. His mother has remarried: In 2017, it was reported that Kozlowski married Moulay Hafid Babaa, who is a Moroccan businessman. The two who had spent four years dating were seen wearing gold wedding rings. The marriage was said to have left Chance Hogan who spent more than two decades with her devastated.

3. He smokes a lot: Still considerably very young, Chance smokes a lot. Ironically, his father was involved in a cigarette advert for Winfield in the 1970s. The advert was said to have contributed immensely in making Winfield a top-selling brand in Australia.

Years later, Hogan expressed his regret over his involvement in getting young people to smoke. He would go on to support cancer charities while appearing in a number of advertisement campaigns for Cure Cancer Australia.

4. Net Worth: Chance Hogan is a musician and a member of the band, Rowdy P. However, he is still yet to record any significant success with the band, hence his net worth is still not known. However, his father has an estimated net worth of $28 million US dollars.