Charlene Tilton – Bio, Age, Height, Daughter, Net Worth, Where Is She Now?

The name Charlene Tilton may not ring much of a bell to millennials, that is because she enjoyed the peak of her career back in the 70s and 80s. Tilton is however still active in the film and TV industry but none of her subsequent works have surpassed her role as Lucy Ewing in the iconic daytime soap opera, Dallas, which ran for years from 1978 to 1991. She reprised her role in the reboot of the series which ran from 2012 to 2014. Here is a look at Tilton’s journey to TV stardom as well as some facts about her personal life.

Charlene Tilton – Bio, Age

Charlene L. Tilton was born on the 1st of December 1958 in San Diego, California, to a single mother, Katherine Thacker who worked as a secretary. She grew up without a relationship with her biological father but an encounter with the actor, Larry Hangman, who became the father figure she desired, changed her life. She met Hangman while she was in high school when her mother was mentally ill. Larry not only became a father figure but a mentor as he guided her through her acting career.

She schooled at Hollywood High School and her career officially began in 1976. After a handful of appearances in small roles in TV and film, she got what would become her breakthrough role in Dallas which premiered in 1978. In addition to acting, Charlene Tilton is equally an amazing vocalist having released a single and contributed to the soundtrack of an episode of Dallas.

While on Dallas. Tilton on her free time took up roles in other small screen projects including Married… with Children. After Dallas ended, Tilton turned her focus towards TV films and small budget films.

Charlene Tilton has been married and divorced twice. Her first marriage was to Johnny Lee, the country singer, from 1982 to 1984 while her second marriage was to a certain Domenick Allen from 1985 to 1992.

Net Worth

As one would expect, the iconic soap opera, Dallas, which she dedicated over half the time of her career to is one of the biggest contributors to her wealth.

According to reports, Tilton was being paid $50,000 for each episode. While that seems small compared to the $1 million per episode that some lucky TV stars are now receiving, it was actually a remarkable sum back in the 80s, which was the peak of her career on the show. Tilton has done well to manage her finances well over the years with a net worth pegged at $2 million.


Charlene Tilton has only one child which is her daughter – Cherish Lee, a product of her short-lived marriage to country singer, Johnny Lee. Born in 1982, Cherish Lee, like her parents, is pursuing a career in the show business. However, her path hasn’t been exactly smooth. She has tried her hands on a handful of careers – as a bartender, waitress, gossip columnist, singer, and an actress. Of all, she seemed to have settled for singing.

During her appearance on the Children of Song podcast, Cherish spoke about her career frustrations, narrating how she lost two record deals because the contractors wanted to play a fast one on her. After the two failed attempts at getting a bid record deal, Cherish opted for making and releasing her own music herself.

Charlene Tilton’s daughter got married on the 22nd of October 2014 to a fellow country musician, Matt Dunn. The couple had only dated for about four months before deciding to walk down the aisle together. Their wedding was a big affair and was attended by about 100 guests including her country superstar father. The wedding was held at the iconic Southfork Ranch – the same Ranch where Dallas was filmed. Charlene revealed that her daughter’s love for the ranch began in her childhood when she came with her on set to film the series. It was a dream come true for Cherish who opted for a Vera Wang piece for her wedding gown.


Charlene Tilton is one of the shortest actresses in the American TV industry. She escaped the 5 inches mark by a whisker and stands tall at 4 feet 11 inches, as a result of her height and character on Dallas, she has been nicknamed “The Poison Dwarf.” Regardless of her size, Tilton has a conspicuous voluptuous figure. Other physical features include her platinum blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes.

Where Is She Now?

Charlene Tilton’s activity as an actress has no doubt dwindled but the actress is yet to officially retire from the craft. Some of her most recent works, as of this writing include the film Vengeance: A Love Story, Second Chance Christmas, and the TV movie, Road Less Traveled. Paparazzi cameras occasionally spot her out and about in her city of residence – Nashville, Tennesse.