What You Didn’t Know About Charlie Sheen and His HIV Status 

What You Didn’t Know About Charlie Sheen and His HIV Status 

There are some individuals in Hollywood whose names would always be mentioned for either a thing or more. If they are not mentioned for a new film, it will be for something bad or at least, something interesting to learn about. One of such individuals is Charlie Sheen. A great actor who has appeared in more than a hundred productions, Sheen’s name has been mentioned in connection to drug abuse and alcohol, domestic abuse, and marital problems among others. One of the things, however, that many seem to be interested in is Charlie Sheen’s HIV status, something that the actor has since been very open about. Here are some important things to know about the Golden Globe-winning actor and his health status.

Things You Don’t Know About Charlie Sheen

Sheen has always been in the eye of the public since he was born in 1965 to his famous parents; Martin Sheen who is also an actor and the artist Janet Templeton. Born Carlos Estévez, Sheen is the third of the four children of his parents. Although he went to Santa Monica High School, he did not graduate as only a few days to passing out,  he was expelled as a result of poor grades.

Before then, he had already shown interest in acting, something he first did when he was 9 with an appearance in The Execution of Private Slovik which was his father’s film in 1974. However, after starting out in the theater, he started acting professionally in 1984. Since then he has come to appear in both films and TV shows. He has also won many awards in the process including the Golden Globes and a star in the Hollywood Walk of fame.

As regards his personal life, Sheen has made a reputation for himself as the bad boy of Hollywood. He was known to have been involved in everything thing from alcohol to drugs and sex.

He walked down the aisle three times this far. His first union was with Donna Peele in 1995. By ’96, the marriage was over. Next,  he tied the knot to actress Denise Richards in 2002. Although the marriage produced 2 daughters, it came to an end in 2005.

In 2008, he was getting married again, this time around to Brooke Mueller. With twin children between them, they walked their separate ways by 2011.

What You Didn’t Know About Charlie Sheen and His HIV Status 
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In all,  Charlie Sheen has five children with the oldest birthed to him by his high school sweetheart Paula Profit.

Charlie Sheen’s HIV Status and What You Should Know About It

1. Charlie Sheen’s HIV Status

The HIV status of the Hollywood star is something that he has since been made public. In 2015, the actor made a shocking revelation that four years earlier, he was diagnosed with the disease. For someone who was known for having many sexual partners, he indicated that there was no way he could have infected any of his partners even though he found out he was infected since 2011.

Finding out that one has been infected with the virus is not something easy. It was not either for Sheen who revealed that he felt like swallowing a bullet but then, his mom was there and he wouldn’t want her to see that or even to have to clean the mess of him killing himself.

2. How Charlie Sheen Accepted Things

Sheen has come around to accept it and has been on antiretroviral drugs which have helped in making him lead a normal life. He has become very vocal in helping people understand the disease and has also become an activist for IT. More so he has been actively involved in trying to get a cure for the ailment.

3. Extortion

At first when he found out that he was infected, Charlie Sheen tried as much as he could to keep his status private and away from the public. Because of that, extortionists kept making money from the actor. From 2011 when he first knew he was infected to 2015 when he decided that he would, as well, make it public, he had already paid more than $10 million to keep the news from going public.

Although he kept it away from the public he was upfront about it with his many past partners.

4. Legal Battles

Sheen was dragged to court in 2017 by a former girlfriend who only identified herself as Russian émigré. She claimed that the actor who according to court documents was identified as John Doe exposed her to the disease and dissuaded her from taking antiretroviral drugs.

That was not the first time that he was dragged to court for that. In 2015, Scottie Ross who was his ex-fiance also took him to court claiming that he exposed her to the virus. Scottie also alleged that Charlie emotionally and physically abused her.

5. Charlie Sheen Doesn’t Have AIDS

The most important thing to know about Charlie Sheen’s HIV status is that he is only HIV positive but he does not have AIDS.