Charlize Theron Movies List Ranked From Best To Worst

Charlize Theron Movies List Ranked From Best To Worst

In the entertainment industry, Hollywood in particular, many actors and actresses come into the industry with hopes of aspiring to reach the top and become household names in any discussion where films and television are involved. While some end up not achieving this feat, others do and a handful of others end up achieving more. The latter group not only become household names among film and television viewers but also have their names in the history book of the industry. One of such persons who has achieved this feat is South African-born actress Charlize Theron. She began her career in the year 1995 and has over the years, she has built an impressive filmography that has seen her play diverse characters in both film and television series. Indeed, a look at any list of Charlize Theron movies will leave anyone acknowledging that she is a big talent who deserves all the accolades she has gotten.

In the beginning, Charlize Theron schooled at Putfontein Primary School and after some time was enrolled at the National School of the Arts in Johannesburg where she was a boarding student. At around this time, she aspired to be a dancer but won a modeling contract that took her to Europe. When the contract expired, she moved to the United States with her mother, where she began attending Joffrey Ballet School. However, due to a knee injury, her dancing ambitions ended. Be that as it may, Charlie found her way in the acting industry, and by 1995, she landed her first acting role in Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest as a non-speaking character.

Well, many years have passed since then and any list of Charlize Theron movies today will obviously show you that the actress has had a lot of roles including working as a producer or executive producer on a lot of film projects. Like every other A-list actor and actress, Charlize has seen diverse ratings on her movies which have seen many of her fans asking questions on which are her best and worst movies. The paragraphs below answer that and more.

Charlize Theron Movies List Ranked From Best To Worst

1. Mad Max: Fury Road

Charlize Theron Movies List Ranked From Best To Worst
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Widely adjudged as one of the best movies the actress has appeared in ever since she began her career is the 2015 post-apocalyptic action film – Mad Max: Fury Road which depicted an era where civilization collapsed and the world was a desert wasteland. Charlize Theron played the character of Imperator Furiosa.

The movie which starred other cast members like Tom Hardy, Nicholas HoultRosie Huntington-Whiteley was a huge box office success as it returned $378.9 million from a budget of $150 million. It is also considered one of the best Charlize Theron movies seeing that it won her a couple of awards like the 2016 Saturn Awards for Best Actress and 2016 Critics’ Choice Awards as Best Actress in an Action Movie.

2. Monster

Starring Christina Ricci as Selby Wall, Bruce Dern as Thomas, Lee Tergesen as Vincent Corey, and others, Charlize Theron played the lead character of Aileen Wuornos in this 2003 Patty Jenkins directed biographical crime drama film which Charlize Theron also co-produced. With a budget of $8 million, Monster made $60.4 million in the Box office much to the delight of its crew.

More to this, Charlize Theron’s role in this movie earned, her most awards for a single work. Some of the awards the movie won her include Academy Award as Best Actress, Critics’ Choice Award for Best Actress in a Movie, Golden Globe Award as Best Actress – Motion Picture Drama, Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role and many others. Seeing this, there is no questioning on why Monster shouldn’t be listed as one of the best Charlize Theron movies.

3. The Devil’s Advocate

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Just about 2 years after she began her career, Charlize Theron starred in The Devil’s Advocate, an American supernatural horror film directed by Taylor Hackford which still stands out as one of her best movies to date. She played the character of Mary Ann Lomax in the film which made $153 million in the Box office from a budget of $57 million. Though she couldn’t win any award with this film, her starring alongside the likes of Keanu Reeves as Kevin Lomax, Al Pacino as John Milton/Satan, Jeffrey Jones as Eddie Barzoon, and others in the movie still stands out as one of the best and most memorable Charlize Theron movies we saw at the beginning of her career.

4. The Cider House Rules

Still, in the ’90s, a time when most actors and actresses would still be finding their feet in the entertainment industry, Charlize Theron was already distinguishing herself as an actress to look forward to. She did this in several ways, one of which was recording one of her best movie character portrayals in The Cider House Rules. The 1999 American drama film won her a Bambi Award in the category of Shooting Star: Female in the year 2000.

With a favorable rating on IMDb, The Cider House Rules turned out to be one of such works that an actress like Charlize Theron will look back to and appreciate the day she accepted to be on the cast.

5. Prometheus

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In the year 2012, Charlize landed yet another acting role that many years after still stands out as one of the best whenever any list of the best Charlize Theron movies is being compiled. The actress played the character of Meredith Vickers in the science fiction film alongside other cast members like Noomi Rapace as Elizabeth Shaw, Michael Fassbender as David, Idris Elba as Janek, and others as they follow clues to the origin of mankind but soon realize that they/we are not alone. Like all the other laudable Theron movies listed here, Prometheus was also a Box office success as it made $403.4 million with a budget of $120–130 million.

6. Reindeer Games

At the beginning of the new Millenium, Charlize Theron starred in what we sadly recognize today as one of her not-so-impressive works. The film despite having a decent cast was marred by below-par acting and contrived plots. The American action crime thriller film had on its rolling list stars like Gary Sinise as Gabriel Mercer, Ben Affleck as Rudy Duncan, Donal Logue as Pug, Danny Trejo as Jumpy, and many others. With a budget of $42 million, Reindeer Games was only able to return $32.2 million to the Box office.

7. The Last Face

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Coming in as the second of the worst Charlize Theron movies is the 2016 film The Last Face which was directed by Sean Penn. The film tells the story of Wren Petersen, played by Charlize Theron, a physician, and activist working in West Africa with Doctors of the World, an organization her late father founded many years ago. Over time, she happens to meet Miguel Leon (played by Javier Bardem) who also shares the same passion as her for helping people from impoverished and war-torn places in the world. The two later begin a romance during which Miguel’s past relationship comes in between them. The film later begins to demean the demography it was intended to defend.

8. Sleepwalking

At a time when it was obvious that Charlize Theron had got an impressive acting career going her way, she sought to grow her career further by diversifying into film production. The 2007 drama film titled Sleepwalking was the third film she would come to work on both as an actress and as a producer which ended up not performing up to expectation.

In the film which had Charlize Theron as Joleen Reedy, we saw the talented actress not being allotted enough screen time which is one of the several reasons many critics point to as the reason for the film’s poor performance. With an overwhelming majority of negative reviews, it is not contestable that this is one of the worst Charlize Theron movies.

9. Waking Up in Reno

Charlize Theron Movies List Ranked From Best To Worst
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In the same year Charlize starred in one of her best works, a-n American heist action thriller – The Italian Job, she also had a casting role as Canidy Kirkendall in Waking Up in Reno, an American road comedy-drama film that does not stand out in any way as one of the best Charlize Theron movies. She was cast in the 2002 film alongside actors and actresses like Natasha Richardson as Darlene Dodd, Penélope Cruz as Brenda, Billy Bob Thornton as Lonnie Earl Dodd, Holmes Osborne as Doc Tuley, and Patrick Swayze as Roy Kirkendall.

With a disappointing outing in the Box office, Waking Up in Reno secures a second to the last spot on this section (worst) of Charlize Theron movies.

10. The Astronaut’s Wife

For every actor and actress, there seems to always be one or a couple of works which they starred in but it ended up not living up to expectations. For Charlize Theron, one of such works which have been reported in several quarters to top the list of her worst performing movies is The Astronaut’s Wife.

The Rand Ravich directed American science fiction thriller film despite having on it some of the best talents in Hollywood like Johnny Depp as Commander Spencer Armacost, Joe Morton as Sherman Reese, NASA Representative, Clea DuVall as Nan, and others, ended up not attracting a lot of screen views unlike what is typical of some Charlize Theron movies we listed at the beginning of this article. The 109 minutes long movie which was made with a budget of $75 million could only return a disappointing $19.6 million.