Chelsea Handler Young, Brother, Husband, Net Worth

Chelsea Handler Young, Brother, Husband, Net Worth

She has certainly made her mark as a female comedian and she will go down in history as one of the best there is out there. Obviously, it would be a cardinal sin to delve into the topic of Chelsea Handler young, brother, husband, and net worth without checking out some cool and interesting facts about the star herself.

She was born Chelsea Joy Handler on February 25, 1975, in Livingston, New Jersey. Her  American father is Jewish; her German-born mother, who came to the United States in 1958, was a Mormon. She explained once that while growing up she felt like an outsider, “We lived in this nice Jewish neighborhood…Everyone had Mercedes and Jaguars, and I was going to school in a Pinto.”

Till she turned 26, Chelsea was a waitress, she actually made the decision to become a comedian after telling her story about a DUI to a class of other offenders, who found it funny. So, While going from one acting audition to another, Handler developed a stand-up routine at the suggestion of a friend. She hoped it would help her stand out in auditions.

Chelsea Handler Young, Brother, Husband, Net Worth

She has relationships you would not expect the sharp-tongued comedian to have had; she dated rapper 50 Cent for a few months in 2009 and she is besties with A-lister actresses, Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston.

Here is a touching one; she sets up college funds for the children of her friends and employees. Heather McDonald, a former writer for Chelsea Lately revealed “She set up a scholarship fund for each of my kids and does the same for anyone on staff who has a baby, yet she never went to college herself. She’s a really sensitive person.”

As much as we would love to go on and on about her, duty calls. It is time to delve into the topic at hand beginning with Chelsea Handler young.

Chelsea Handler Young/Brother

Some of you may be wondering, what kind of topic is Chelsea Handler young? Well wonder no more, we are about to take you on a journey into the past, let us find out what the topic Chelsea Handler young entails together. In a nutshell, this is going to be all about the star before she attained her fame and fortune. Chelsea was born on February 25, 1975, in Livingston, New Jersey and she was the youngest of six children.

Tragedy struck when Chelsea turned 10, she lost her oldest brother Chet while he was hiking in the Grand Tetons, apparently, he fell 80 feet off a cliff. Being the youngest, Chelsea felt that she found it harder to cope with the loss. The pain later gave her the push she needed to strike out on her own. It is common knowledge that she came to Los Angeles in her youth to pursue a career as an actress.

The star was just a mere 19 years of age when she embarked on the journey to greater heights, during her time in Los Angeles, she picked up a waitressing job in order to support herself while she chased her dream.It was not until she caught some inspiration from a DUI class that she decided to turn to stand-up comedy, and that was a good choice as it opened up doors for her.

Chelsea Handler Young, Brother, Husband, Net Worth

Soon after, she started landing some TV work, which later resulted in writing and book deals, by 2005, she hit the bestsellers list and the rest is all peachy as the star finally made it big.

Chelsea Handler’s Husband/ Net Worth

It is common knowledge that the star is not married and has never been married. She has been in quite a number of relationships over the years and we know because she has been quite vocal about it. She has dated the likes of  David Alan Grier, Ted Harbert, 50 Cent, André Balazs and briefly she dated Bobby Flay. At the moment, the star’s relationship status is undisclosed, but knowing her, we will soon know if something comes up.

Chelsea Handler Young, Brother, Husband, Net Worth

In addition to information on the topics of Chelsea Handler’s young, brother and husband here are some information about the star’s net worth. Seeing as she is one of the most successful TV personalities out there and the only female comedian on late-night TV, it is no surprise that she is packing in the big bucks. She is worth $40 million with a salary of $10 million.