Chelsea Ingram – Biography, Salary, Family, Facts About The Actress

Chelsea Ingram – Biography, Salary, Family, Facts About The Actress

There are people who have made a huge success in entertainment but whose acting ability do not come close to that of some others who are relatively unknown. Chelsea Ingram may not yet be an A-list actress but she is well on her way to earning and keeping that honor. The actress is a full-blooded creative – that is why she has been so excellent in her acting roles.

Ingram, who hails from a small community town in Australia, started her acting career on stage like so many others before her. It didn’t take long for her to set her sights on achieving bigger success on the Broadway stage of the Big Apple. After conquering the stage, she decided to add on-screen acting to her portfolio and is known mostly for her role on Tommy Battles the Silver Sea Dragon. The actress is also a playwright, screenwriter, and producer.

Chelsea Ingram Biography

The actress was born in 1992, although her exact date of birth is not known. She spent her early years in a farmhouse where she was born. Her house was located on the outskirts of the Glass House Mountains in northern Queensland, Australia.

Even before her teenage years, the actress had shown clearly her penchant for creative work – she was never one for routine. She did her high school education at Brisbane State High School. At the age of 16, Chelsea had already moved away from home, and the redundancy in school work caused her to start contemplating leaving school.

Her education – and future acting career – were saved when her drama teacher at the time introduced her to theatre and acting. Ingram revealed how she showed her the beauty and truth of art. This encounter created her desire to make it as a stage actress.

After she turned 19, Chelsea Ingram gained acceptance into the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute based in New York. She consequently relocated to the Big Apple to hone her acting skills. Since her graduation from the school, the actress has garnered an enviable portfolio of stage productions and has worked with some big names in her niche.

Chelsea has worked with veteran stage actor George Loros on the off-Broadway play Rabbit Hole. She played the lead role of Izzy in the play that was performed at the Marilyn Munroe Theatre in Manhattan. She has also shared the stage with Geoffrey Horne from The Bridge on the River Kwai. Some of her other stage performances came in Mauritius, The Dancers, and The Crucible, the latter of which was performed in her home city of Queensland in Australia.

Chelsea also went into on-screen acting in 2014 with the short film #AnnieHall where she played the role of a bartender. The following year, she was Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dreaming. She appeared as Violet in a total of three episodes of the tv series An Audience to Behold from 2015 to 2016.

Chelsea Ingram – Biography, Salary, Family, Facts About The Actress
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Her most popular on-screen role yet came in 2018 when she joined the cast of Luke Shirock’s Tommy Battles the Silver Sea Dragon. She has also appeared in an episode of grave mysteries in 2019.

In 2015, Chelsea Ingram made her debut as an executive producer on the series The Loft. In 2019, the actress became a writer for the drama mini-series Tales of NYC while also playing the lead role of Kathleen on the series.

With her on-screen career growing, Ingram never left the theatre. In 2016, she was part of the play Keep Calling. It made its debut at Australia’s Sydney Fringe Festival to a sold-out audience. It was also named the pick of the festival by the Sydney Morning Herald’s Critique while receiving critical acclaim status and glowing reviews across the country.

Chelsea Ingram is also a part of Primitive Grace, a theatre production company in New York. In 2017, they brought her successful Australian play Keep Calling to the New York off-Broadway audience.


The actress has always had the support of the members of her family since she was much younger. It was her parents that enrolled her into the Queensland drama school known as BYTES when she was still little. This was where she was first bitten by the acting bug and never looked back.

Although the actress has chosen to keep her family out of the media spotlight, it is known that they reside in her home country and are part of the reason Chelsea tries as much as she can to divide her time between New York and Queensland, Australia.

What Is Chelsea Ingram’s Salary?

While she has appeared in a handful of plays and on-screen projects, the actress has not yet been on any blockbuster releases or on show-stopping Broadway productions. Through her theatre troupe and beyond, Ingram has also gotten to work with some of the hottest properties in Hollywood and in her home country. However, she has not yet hit the level where her net worth or salary are actively sought after. As a result, there is no information online regarding the actresses’ annual take-home or net worth.

Other Facts About Chelsea Ingram

Chelsea was involved in a short film titled Behold. Her performance on the project earned her a Best Actress Award at the Western Sydney Film Festival.

Ingram revealed that the whole of Behold was shot in just one take.

The actress is dyslexic.

As an alumnus of Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, Ingram joins the ranks of A-listers like Marilyn Monroe, Scarlett Johansson, and Angelina Jolie who all passed through the institution.

She also played the role of Jane Gallagher on The Loft.

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